Gajaba Regiment

Unity is Strength



In 7th January 1994, As The Youngest Member Of The Gajaba Family, The 10th Battalion The Gajaba Regiment Was Raised At The Regimental Center At Saliyapura And Deployed In Kaits - Mandathive Islands, Due To The Huge Requirement Of Fighting Battalions To Exit The LTTE Terrorism From The Motherland And Confirm The Peace And Order In The Country. There Was A Huge Contribution Given By The Regular Battalions Of Gajaba Regiment 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 And 9 To Raise The 10th Battalion The Gajaba Regiment.

As The 44th RFT Battalion, 10 GR Played A Massive Role Against The Terrorism In Sri Lanka In Battle Field. O/50992 Major N A J C Dias RWP RSP Was The First Commanding Officer And Under His Strong Command 10 GR Deployed In Mandathive Island In Jaffna Peninsula For Operational Requirement. The Opening Strength Of The Battalion Was Consisted With 14 Officers And 773 Other Rankers. The 1st 2IC Was O/60061 Maj H M R M Wanninayake RSP And The 1st Adjutant Was O/61737 Lt H A S K Siriwardane. The Battalion Was Armed With 4 Rifle Companies And Capt N C Somaweera As A Coy OC, Capt S M S P B Samarakoon As B Coy OC, Capt S P A Rodrigo As C Coy OC And Capt W R M Manendra As D Coy OC Were Carrying Out Duties. Meanwhile 17 Other Rankers Were Sent To ITC Minneriya To Train To Establish A Support Company.

From The 7th January 1994, The Battalion Had Been Commanded By 15 Commanding Officers And Performed The Duties As A Leading Battalion In Fighting Formations Throughout The Wars And Battles Which Were Fought By The SL Army On Behalf Of The Unity Of The Motherland And The Nation. It Has Made A Remarkable Symbol In History By Fighting In Front As Well As Contributing For The National Development Of The Country Since The Day It Was Raised.

10th Battalion The Gajaba Regiment Is Already Proved And Confirmed Throughout The 20 Years Of History That It Is Undefeatable And Has Played A Major Role As A Leading Fighting Battalion In All Battles Which Were Fought Against The LTTE To Gain The Peace And Confirm The Unity And The Sovereignty In The Mother Land.

As An Appreciation Of Gallantry, Bravery , Militarism Which Were Shown In Battle Front And Sacrificing Of Blood And Lives, 10th Battalion The Gajaba Regiment Officers And Other Rankers Have Been Awarded With A 1 Of "ParamaWeeraVibhushanaya", 3 Of "WeeraWickramaVibhushanaya", 101 Of "RanaWickramaPadakkama" And 121 Of "RanaSuraPadakkama".

On the aftermath of fire broke out on 15th Feb 2014 with the direction of Commander of the Army 10 GR temporarily placed U/C to 14 division and U/C to 144 brigade established at Akuregoda, Pelawatte in order to ensure the safety and security of the defense headquarters complex from 14th Feb 2014 to 07th May 2016 and after that Bn deployed in 2016 to 2019 December at Batticaloa. On 04th Jan 2020 battalion placed Pallekele U/C to 11 Division and U/C to 111 Brigade established at Doluwa.

On 04th Mar 2021 battalion placed The Sacred Temple of The Tooth Relic premises for the security of Malwathu MahaViharaya, Asgiri Maha Viharaya and The Sacred Temple of The Tooth Relic

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1.  Major NAJC Dias RWP RSP 1994.01.07 1996.11.07
2  Major DSNK Senadeera WWV RWP RSP 1996.11.07 1997.06.10
3.  Major SA Mendish (Over Looking Duty) 1997.06.10 1997.12.05
4.  Major JMSS Jayasundara RSP USP 1997.12.05 2000.04.29
5.  Major BMWWWWMRBM Daulagala RSP 2000.04.29 2003.09.15
6.  Lt Col JMUD Jayasinghe 2003.09.15 2006.06.27
7.  Lt Col SMSPB Samarakoon RSP 2006.06.27 2008.08.28
8.  Major S Priyankarage psc 2008.06.27 2008.11.05
9.  Major LAJLB Udowita RWP RSP 2008.11.05 2009.09.23
10.  Lt Col LHM Rajapaksha RSP 2009.09.23 2011.09.17
11.  Major NWMR Nanayakkara RSP (Over Looking Duty) 2011.09.17 2011.10.19
12.  Lt Col HTW Vidyananda RWP RSP 2011.09.17 2014.08.11
13.  Lt Col AGLS Samansuriya RSP 2014.08.11 2015.03.03
14.  Major HPP Kumarasinghe RSP (Over Looking Duty) 2015.03.03 2015.04.23
15.  Major DPSI Dias RSP 2015.04.23 2018.07.27
16. Lt Col EWRSB Ehelepola USP USACGSC 2018.07.28 2019.10.31
17. Major AJS Abeynayaka RSP 2020.01.01 2021.07.18
18. Lt Col AJS Abeynayaka RSP 2021.07.19 2022.02.11
19. Maj AWK Samarasinghe RWP RSP USP psc Lsc 2022.02.11 2023.07.23
20. Maj NK Weerathunga RSP 2023.07.23 up to date
Contact Details
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10th Battalion the Gajaba Regiment
Army Camp
Raja Weediya
Fax : 0253857800
Tel : 0253857800
Email : 10gr@army.lk