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1st Battalion of Gajaba Regiment


In late 70's the necessity of increasing infantry battalions emerged in countering the insurgency and maintaining the integrity of the country. To accomplish this requirement, the Sri Lanka Army 1st Rajarata Rifle Battalion was established on 15th January in 1980. Initialy the battalion was located at the Area Headquarters (North Central) Anuradhapura and later it was relocated at saliyapura. After a brief period on 15th March 1981, 1st Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment was established in Irattaperiyakulam in order to meet the requirement of infantry regiments for operational duties. This battalion was later stationed at Minneriya Army camp.

After Lieutenant Colonel L D C E Waidyaratne psc SLAC taking over duties as the Commanding Officer of 1st Rajarata Rifle at Saliyapura camp, the troops of that battalion reported to Volunteer Force Camp Diyatalawa for collective training. To fill the vacuum of troops at Saliyapura camp, the soldiers of 1st Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment were transferred to Saliyapura camp in June 1983 from Minneriya. After collective training, the soldiers of 1st Rajarata Rifle battalion, were posted to Colombo in order to suppress the ethnic unrest in Colombo. These troops subsequently returned to Saliyapura camp after accomplishing the assigned duties.

The 1st battalion Gajaba Regiment was established on 14th October 1983 by amalgamating the 1st Rajarata Rifle battalion and 1st Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment as per a decision taken by the Army Headquarters due to the prevailing ethnic and separatist situation in Sri Lanka. Lieutenant Colonel WIVKM Wimalaratne psc was appointed as the first Commanding Officer of this battalion and with 36 Officers and 752 Soldiers, the battalion was inaugurated. The inauguration was graced by the then Army Commander Major General T I Weeratunga VSV USP and all the senior officers of the Sri Lanka Army. It is vital to state that the leadership of the battalion was handed over to a handpicked versatile senior officer for the benefit of the entire Gajaba Regiment, and the Army.

The Gajaba Regiment was able to shine victoriously in the battlefield due to their commitment and continuous training in keeping with the motto, "Unity is Strength", under the guidance and leadership of Lieutenant Colonel WIVKM Wimalaratne psc. The first appointment holders of the battalion were Major B Jayasundara - the Second in Command, Capt AB Paranagama - the Adjutant and WO I K Ekanayake - the Regimental Sergeant Major. To date, under the command and leadership of the following Commanding Officers, the 1st Battalion continuous to flourish excellently as a special fighting battalion.

The battalion supported more than 48 major operations / other operations to eradicate the brutal terrorism from 14.10.1983 till the end of Humanitarian Operation. To honour the valiant troops, 07 x 09 Weera Wickrema Vibhushanaya, 24 x 60 Rana Wickrema Padakkama and 46 x 266 Rana Sura Padakkama gallantry awards have been awarded to Officers and Soldiers of the battalion. During the post-war era, this unit has contributed immensely to the development process of the country and protecting VVIP’s. At present the Unit is located at the Army Headquarters , Sri Jayawardhanepura as a commander security unit.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.
Srn  Name From To
1. Lt Col W I V K M Wimalaratne psc 14.10.1983 01.08.1987
2. Lt Col S T T Jayasundara psc 20.07.1985 20.12.1985
3. Lt Col P Angammana 01.08.1987 08.07.1989
4. Major Y N Palipana 30.08.1988 28.11.1988
5. Lt Col N G Rajapaksa psc 08.07.1989 26.01.1991
6. Lt Col U B L Fernando RSP psc 26.01.1991 01.05.1994
7. Lt Col A K S Perera WWV RWP RSP 01.05.1994 18.09.1996
8. Lt Col L H S C Silva WWV RWP RSP 18.09.1996 12.09.1998
9. Major W T Premashantha RWP RSP 12.09.1998 18.09.2001
10. Major W A M Weerasuriya RSP 18.09.2001 02.03.2005
11. Lt Col N D S P Niunhella RWP RSP 02.03.2005 27.07.2007
12. Lt Col S P Aluvihare 27.07.2007 05.11.2009
13. Major L H M Rajapaksha RSP 18.02.2008 12.08.2008
14. Lt Col I N A B Perera psc 05.11.2009 11.10.2011
15. Lt Col H P I Perera  RWP RSP 11.10.2011 30.09.2014
16. Lt Col M L A De Silva psc 01.10.2014 14.03.2017
17. Maj D Sooriyaarachchi RWP RSP 13.03.2017 02.06.2019
18. Maj LAN Liyanarachchi psc 03.06.2019 17.05.2020
19. Lt Col LAN Liyanarachchi psc 18.05.2020 17.05.2021
20. Maj DMP Amarakoon RWP RSP psc 18.05.2021 17.05.2022
21. Lt Col DMP Amarakoon RWP RSP psc 18.05.2022 28.02.2023
22. Lt Col MVP Samarawickrama USP 01.03.2023 Up to Now
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