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History of the 7th Volunteer Regiment Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

7 (V) Regiment SLAC is the second Volunteer Regiment that goes on record in the history of Armour in Sri Lanka. Since 2 (V) Regiment SLAC was disbanded, 7 (V) Regiment is the only Volunteer Regiment in the Corps. As per the directions of Army Headquarters, 7 (V) Battalion Sri Lanka National Guard was absorbed in to the Armoured Corps and was renamedas 7 (V) Regiment SLAC. New Regiment was raised on 22 May 1998, at Keereamalei.

The Regiment was under 515 Brigade from 22 May 1998 to 06 June 1998 at Keeramalai. It was redeployed under 544 Brigade at Elephant Pass from 06 June 1998. During the year 1999, the regiment performed duties under 541 Brigade at Sorampaththu and under 511 Brigade at Atchchuweli.

During 2001, the regiment performed duties in Eluthumadduwal area under 552 Brigade. The Regiment was redeployed in Ariyalai area on 13 May 2001. From 15 May 2002, the Regiment was tasked to perform Internal Security duties in Jaffna town area. This was under 512 Brigade. From 07 May 2004 the Regiment was redeployed in Ariyalai sector in forward defence line duties under 514 Brigade.


From its inception the regiment was involved in defensive operations and Internal Security operations. The regiment performed extremely well in Internal Security duties in Jaffna town during the critical period after signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the government and the LTTE.

In 2005 the regiment was deployed in Ariyalai, nallur and Navatkuli areas under 514 brigade. The regiment was entrusted withthe task of protecting the Main Supply Route from Jaffna to Kaithadi. Subsequently the regiment was deployed under 512 brigade and served in the same area up to 2011.

Then in October 2012, the regiment was deployed in Kotkolam area under 521 brigade and conducted internal security duties in order to bring normalcy to the area.Having served in the Jaffna peninsula continuously for 16 long years the regiment was re deployed in its own den at Kekirawa under 212 bde. Since then the regiment is involved in the civil military coordination duties in the area and also is involved in the development projects undertaken by the government.


Name From To
Lieutenant Colonel M W E W DE Silva 1998.05.22 2000.12.17
Major L D R S Kumar RSP 2000.12.17 2002.07.12
Major A D S Wickramarathna 2002.07.12 2005.07.20
Lieutenant Colonel A H Liyanage 2005.07.20 2008.01.17
Major M W N K Madugalla 2008.01.17 2009.10.10
Lieutenant Colonel M W N K Madugalla 2009.10.10 2012.03.08
Major M W S Marapana RSP 2012.03.08 2012.12.10
Lieutenant Colonel M W S Marapana RSP 2012.12.10 2013.02.26
Lieutenant Colonel A A D P Kulathilaka psc 2013.02.26 2015.08.27
Lieutenant Colonel Y H P Rangajeewa USP 2015.08.27 2017.09.11
Lieutenant Colonel K M A P Karunaratne USP psc 2017.09.11 2018.04.18
Lieutenant Colonel N R L Gunasena psc 2018.04.18 2019.10.03
Lieutenant Colonel L R Amarasekara 2019.12.31 2022.01.10
Lieutenant Colonel W C L Rathnapala psc 2022.01.10 2022.08.10
Major L L K Weerasingha 2022.08.10 2124.04.11
Lieutenant Colonel M W Wishwamithra psc 2024.04.11 Up To date


Name From To
Major A D S Wickramarathna 22.05.1998 01.08.2002
Major M W N K Madugalla 01.08.2002 18.06.2004
Major A H Liyanage 18.06.2004 21.10.2005
Major L W S R Weththasinghe 21.10.2005 30.10.2007
Major G A K J Ganehiarachchi 30.10.2007 13.03.2012
Major M R Jayasingha 15.03.2012 01.01.2017
Major A A B S Wanigasekara 02.01.2017 25.02.2017
Major W A W T Sujith RWP psc 26.02.2017 31.03.2017
Major E M S N Ekanayaka 01.04.2017 28.05.2017
Lieutenant Colonel E M S N Ekanayaka 29.05.2017 12.06.2017
Major D A C K Gunasingha 13.06.2017 03.09.2017
Major W C L Ratnapala psc 04.09.2017 27.05.2020
Major K Jayaweera 28.05.2020 05.06.2020
Lieutenant Colonel K Jayaweera 06.06.2020 02.08.2020
Major L L K Weerasingha 03.08.2020 13.01.2022
Major W M G L P Weerakoon 14.01.2022 06.07.2023
Major M W Wishwamithra psc 07.07.2023 2024.04.19
Major K P D Abeywickrama psc 2024.04.19 Up To date