Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Whither the Fates Call

Pictorial History Of the Armoured Corps


A Birds eye view of Ridiyagama tank in the deep South of Sri Lanka. It is here in this vicinity of this tank that the Armoured Corps went through its initial training. Standards set then and the momentum provided has lasted for 55 years and will continue to flourish.


"Farther of the Armoured Corps" Gen DS Attygalle MVO idc psc in Colonel rank as the Commanding Officer of 1st Reconnaissance Regiment.


The Prime Minister Rt Hon Sir John Kotelawala CH KBE inspecting a Motor Cycle with a Side Car Combination mounted with a .303 LMG, in early 1956. The Commanding Officer Major DS Attygalle is with him.


Armour troops on operational duties. Sgt Ranathunga DJW, Cpl Dareeju BM and L/Cpl Rajah MT aboard a Scout Car.


"The 1st Shot" - First ever AFV shoot on Sri Lanka soil was conducted in 1959 at Galle Face Green. Seen in the picture is WO II Ariyadasa A who was among the first to fire the 2 Pounder Gun of the British origin Daimler Armoured Car. He retired as a Captain (QM).


"The QDG" - The trophy was presented to 1st Reconnaissance Regiment by the Queens Dragoon Guards at the inspection. The best overall Squadron of 1st Reconnaissance gets the trophy after annual inspection by the Commanding Officer.


A vehicle patrol in the City of Colombo during civil disorder in the late fifties. In the picture is a British origin Scout Car Mk I (Unturret Scout) armed with a Browning LMG.


A Pyramid at the Army Tattoo - The SLAC Motor Cycle stunt riders provided a mobile pyramid of 10 personnel at the Search Light Tatoo in 1965. Here is Lt Y Balaratnarajah is the controller of the pyramid. Photograph was taken ile training at Rock House camp.


A Combination motor bike stunt by Lt Y Balaratnarajah and Tpr Rodrigo C.


The Commander of the Army Major General HWG Wijekoon OBE ED addressing the troops on his visit to Armoured Corps at Rock House camp in early sixties.


Armour in Jaffna ! Armour troops deployed in Jaffna in the early sixties on parade, Colonel AR Udugama the Coordinating Officer - Jaffna taking the salute.


A parade ready for inspection. Seen in the picture are Combination Motor Bikes and Ferret Scout Cars.


A Guard of Honour accorded to the Prime Minister of Ceylon Hon Dudley Senanayake by Armoured Corps Troops. Parade Commander was Major KL De S Jayawardane and behind him are Major General BR Heyn the Commander of the Army and Lieutenant Colonel SDN Hapugalle CO 1 CAC.


Side Car combination training at the Polo ground in Diyatalawa in 1968.


The Hon Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike along with Colonel W Rajapakse MBE and Lieutenant Colonel SC Ranatunga psc.


Major General DS Attygalle Commander of the Army and Lieutenant Colonel SC Ranatunga psc Commanding Officer 1st Reconnaissance Regiment CAC during a visit to the Army Camp at Anuradhapura, established soon after the 1971 April Insurgency at Nurses Training School opposite the General Hospital.


The Hon Prime Minister Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike with the Commander of the Army Major General DS Attygalle MVO idc psc


A Guard of Honour accorded to a visiting Head of State by SLAC at the Non Aligned Summit in 1976. Parade was Commanded by Major JB Francis. The Commander of the Army Lieutenant General DS Attyaglle is behind him.


Lieutenant (QM) N Nadarajasingham (first from the left) the first Quarter Master of SLAC along with Colonel SC Ranatunga, Major R De S Daluwatte and Major CS Fernando at Rock House Officers Mess in the mid seventies.


In January 1978 the Commander of the Army Major General JED Perera visited Rock House Camp. Here he inspected the parade with Lieutenant Colonel MH Gunaratne the Commanding Officer 1st Reconnaissance Regiment SLAC. Parade Commander was Major KL De S Jayawardane.


Saladins arrive in August 1979, newly acquired Saladin Armoured Cars of 1st Reconnaissance Regiment on the way to Rock House from the Harbour. Photograph was taken from leading Saladin on the road to Rock House Camp.


Annual firing in 1979 was conducted at Vedithaltheevu range in Mannar. Here the Commander of the Army Major General JED Perera inspects Saladin.


A Guard of Honour was accorded to the Crown Prince of Japan Prince Akihito in 1981. Parade Commander was Captain WA Pamunuwa.


The official photograph of officers on the 25th Anniversary of Sri Lanka Armoured Corps taken on 15th December 1980 at Rock House, Colombo.


President of Sri Lanka His Excellency JR Jayawardena visited Rock House Camp in May 1982. Here he witnesses a miniature field firing range demonstration. On the left of the Saladin is the Commander of the Army Major General TI Weeratunga and Chief of Staff Brigadier M Madawala.


A column of "A" vehicles on the A - 3 road from Colombo to Puttalam at the rail crossing before Puttalam, on their way to Anuradhapura for the 1982 Independence Day Parade.


A troop of Armour moving out on patrol from the Jaffna Fort in the early 1980s.


Official photograph of Officers taken on the occasion of the Raising of 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment SLAC on 16th November 1988.


Photograph taken at the Officers Mess at Rock House camp following the Raising of 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment SLAC in November 1988. In the front raw from left to right are Lieutenant Colonel L Gunaratne, Brigadier Y Balaratnarajah, Brigadier CH Fernando, Lieutenant Colonel PA Karunatilleke and Lieutenant Colonel D Kalupahana.


Course Commander : "Shyaman, tell me all about this Vehicle". Immediately after the arrival of light tanks for 3 SLAC at Kalattewa Camp. Lieutenant Colonel D Kalupahana with Major DVSY Kulatunga.


Arrival of a consignment of Saladin Armoured Cars at the Colombo Harbour.


Joint Operations Commander Lieutenant General SC Ranatunga inspects a Stalwart HMLC. Commanding Officer of 1st Reconnaissance Regiment Lieutenant Colonel DL Kobbekaduwa and 2nd in Command Major D Kalupahana along with Commander of the Navy Rear Admiral HA Silva are also the photograph.


Impromptu discussion between Commander of the Army Lieutenant General H Wanasinghe and Overall Operation Commander Major General DL Kobbekaduwa amids an Operation.


Lieutenant General H Wanasinghe the Commander of the Army inspects an "A" vehicle colmn at Rock House Army Camp. Parade Commander Major PI Abeywardena is immediately behind the Commander and to is right is Reimental Commander Major General Y Balaratnarajah. ‘A’ veicle column Commander Captain MDW kithsiri is closest to the camera.


The Commander of the Army Lieutenant General H Wanasinghe, Division Commanders and the Regimental Commander at the inauguration ceremony of the Armoured Brigade on 15th December 1988, the 33rd Corps day.


T 85 light Tanks during Operation rehearsal.


A Saladin comes ashore from a Navy LCM (Landing Craft Medium)


Farewell Parade to General SC Ranatunga VSV rcds psc at Rock House camp on 15th December 1988. Commanding Officer os 1st Reconnaissance Regiment SLAC Lieutenant Colonel PA Karunatilleke is behind the General. Parade Commander is Major NA Ranasinghe.


Hon Ranjan Wijeratne, Minister of Plantation and State Minister of Defence visited SLAC troops at Batalanda camp in Sapugaskanda in late 1989. Here he checks on a FSC.


A Saladin during cross country training.


A Dinner was held at Taj Samudra Colombo in March 1990 to bid farewell to General DS Attygalle and General SC Ranatunga on their retirement from service to the nation. On the left of the photograph is Lieutenant General H Wanasinghe Commander of the Army and on the right is Major General LDCE Waidyaratne Chief of Staff. In the center is the Regimental Commander of SLAC Brigadier T Paranagama.


Arrival of T 55 MBTs to Sri Lanka in late 991 from Czech Republic. This opened another chapter in the history of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps.


First shoot of T 55 MBTs in November 1991 at Trincomalee.


The Commander of the Army Lieutenant General LDCE Waidyaratne along with Major General GH De Silva inspects a newly arrived MBT. Brigadier PA Karunatilleke Commander Armoured Brigade is in black overall. Other two Officers on the tank are Officer Commanding ‘A’ Squadron Major MP Peiris and Officer Commanding ‘B’ Squadron Major BA Perera. Commanding Officer of 4 Armoured Regiment Lieutenant Colonel CSNB Mudannayake is at right extreme.


Lieutenant General LDCE Waidyaratne the Commander of the Army inspects a Guard of Honour at Rock House camp, in November 1991. Regimental Commander Brigadier T Paranagama is seen behind him. The parade Commander was Captain SDT Liyanage.


At a Mess Night held in Honour of Lieutenant General LDCE Waidyaratne, he is with Regimental Commander Brigadier T Paranagama, Lieutenant Colonel NR Marambe CO 1st Reconnaissance Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel DVSY Kulatunga CO 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment and Lieutenant Colonel CSNB Mudannayake CO 4 Armoured Regiment at Rock House Officers Mess.


"The Might and Pride” MBTs of 'A' Squadron of 4 Armoured Regiment, in line ahead at Madagal.


The most beloved and able Field Commander of the Sri Lanka Army Lieutenant General DL Kobbekaduwa RWP RSP VSV rcdc psc


The funeral parade of lieutenant General DL Kobbekaduwa.


Arrival of BMPs from Ukraine for 5th Reconnaissance Regiment SLAC in mid 1994.


"Tracks on Rail" Newly arrived BMPs being transported by railway to Operation area.


BMP Mk II in an Amphibious demonstration in the Jaffna Peninsula.


T 63-II from China for 5th Reconnaissance Regiment being unloaded at the Colombo Port in September 1995.


A rail convoy of T 63 – II of 5 SLAC on its way to North and East.


Tanks of "B" Squadron, 4 Armoured Regiment roll out from Vasavilan, Palaly in early 1990s.


"MBT recaptured" - The Command element of Armour troops of Operation "RIVIRESA" Armoured Brigade Commander Colonel G Balasuriya, CO 5 SLAC Lieutenant Colonel NA Ranasinghe and CO 4 SLAC Major BA Perera at “Kittu Park” Jaffna city near a destroyed MBT of the Sri Lanka Army displayed by the LTTE.


Armour troops after capturing Mankulam in October 1998.


Deputy Minister of Defence General AV Ratwatte presenting the President’s Standards to 1st Reconnaissance Regiment. Officer receiving the standards is Lieutenant LKT Fernando. Commander of the Army Lieutenant General R De S Daluwatte and the Regimental Commander Brigadier NR Marambe are seen behind the Minister.


Official photograph of the Standards of 1st Reconnaissance Regiment Sri Lanka Armoured Corps.



Official photograph of Officers, taken at Army Headquarters in Colombo on 14th December 1998, following the presentation of Standards to the 1st Reconnaissance Regiment Sri Lanka Armoured Corps.


Warrant Officers and Sergeants at the opening of their new accommodation block on 30th October 2001 at Rock House camp, Colombo with the Commander of the Army Lieutenant General R De S Daluwatte and other Senior Officers.


A Guard of Honour was accorded to the President of Pakistan His Excellency General Pervez Musharaff at the Bandaranaike International Airport on 31st July 2002. Parade Commander was Major WASM Wijedasa. Commander of the Army Lieutenant general LP Balagalle is seen behind the President.


Armoured Corps troops during rescue operations near Paraliya rail way station after The Tsunami disaster on 26th December 2004.


The T 55 Armoured Recovery Vehicle in operation using its winch to pull out the Train Engine.


Brigadier RM Jayasinghe USP psc (Defence, Military, Naval and Air Attach for Sri Lanka in Washington DC, USA) greeting Laura bush, Former Presidents George Bush Snr and Bill Clinton at the entrance to the Embassy of Sri Lanka when these most distinguished personalities visited the embassy in the aftermath of Tsunami in December 2004.


US Secretary of state Dr Condoleezza Rice with Defence, Military, Naval and Air Attache for Sri Lanka in Washington DC, USA Brigadier MP Peiris RWP RSP USP psc at the Sri Lankan Embassy at Washington DC, USA Sri Lankan Ambassador is also seen in the photograph.


SLAC Troops with their "A" vehicles at Port du Prince in Haiti on UN Mission. Photograph taken on 14th October 2005.


A guard of Honour presented to His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse, President of Sri Lanka at the Parliament in Sri Jayawardenapura on 25th November 2005. Parade Commander was Major MGTD Ratnasekara.


"May you attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana" Wife and the little baby of late L/Cpl Jayathissa WGTD at the Ranaviru Remembrance Day at Mailapitiya.


Major General GA Chandrasiri RWP USP ndc psc Commander, Security Forces (Jaffna).


September 2005 Colonel Commandant laying Foundation Stone for the Monument in Rock House Camp.


January 2005 Colonel UAB Medawela psc takes over as Command Armoured Brigade.


January 2005 Colonel N Udawatta RSP psc takes over as Centre Commandant.


Colonel Commandant SLAC presenting gifts for the civilian staff during New Year celebrations - April 2007.


Warrant Officer I JM Yuwananda takes over as the RSM 1 SLAC - May 2007.


Brigadier N Udawatta RSP psc hands over Command Armoured Brigade to Brigadier BA Perera RSP psc - January 2007.


Brigadier SDT Liyanage RWP psc addressing troops of 6 SLAC (RFT) at the Raising Day of the Unit - August 2007.


Friend of Major General J Jayasuriya USP ndu psc making a donation for an artificial limb to Second Lieutenant KMSW Jayawardena SLAC at the Officers Mess Rock House Camp.


Major General J Jayasuriya USP ndu psc Commander - Security Force (Wanni).


Major General N Udawatta RSP psc General Officer Commanding - 59 Division.


Brigadier SDT Liyanage RWP psc Commander - Task Force 3.


Colonel WA Ariyaratne Commander - 574 Brigade and 621 Brigade.


Colonel ALPS Thilakaratne psc Commander – 573 Brigade.


"4th at the helm" Lieutenant General J Jayasuriya USP ndu psc assuming duties as Commander of the Army.