Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Whither the Fates Call

History of the Regimantal Centre Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Sri Lanka having gained independence saw the need for an Armed Force to safeguard the sovereignty and integrity of the country. The initial step towards establishing the Armed Force took place with the raising of the Army in 1949. The Army day falls on 10th October each year. Army Headquarters sanctioned the raising of 1st Reconnaissance Regiment on 10th October 1955 under the able leadership of Major D S Attygalle MVO. Initially the Regiment comprised of only a squadron. Officers and men were selected from other Regiments of the Army to fill the vacancies. Lieutenant S C Ranatunga and Lieutenant S D N Hapugalle with 28 other ranks joined the Squadron and from 15th December 1955 the Squadron began to function. The recruits who received training from Army Recruit Training Depot Diyatalawa were posted to the Squadron to fill the vacancies. The Squadron was initially deployed in Echelon Square, Colombo Fort.

The Squadron commenced its life at Echelon Square, Colombo Fort (presently where Hilton Hotel is located). The Squadron moved to Ridiyagama for training. The squadron moved to Rock House Army camp on 15th December 1957. Since then Rock House became the Home of Cavalry and December 15 was celebrated as its Birthday.