Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Whither the Fates Call

12th November 2021 08:40:26 Hours


The presentation of the 4 Armoured Regiment for the year 2021 was successfully condcuted on 08 November 2021 under the topic of “Multi Domain Operations: A Strategy for the 21st Century” at the Officers’ Mess of 4 Armoured Regiment.

One of the main highlights of the event was the setting up of the Joint Ops room with modern outlook with props representing all 5 domains. Apart from that, the presentation was conducted in a form of a media conference which had representatives from Army, Navy, Air Force and a civilian expert (representing the Cyber domain ) to give more depth to the subject.

The presentation was witnessed by the Commander of the Armoured Brigade, Senior Officers of Sri Lanka Armoured Corps, Officers from Sri Lanka Navy , Air Force and adjacent Battalions. Moreover, for the first time of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps , this unit presentation broadcasted through ZOOM to be witnessed by other SLAC officers as well.