Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Whither the Fates Call

25th March 2021 15:28:08 Hours


The 13th Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Armoured Corps, Major General D B S N Bothota RWP RSP USP psc, visited the 1st Reconnaissance Regiment at Rock House camp on 22nd March 2021 making it the first unit visit after assuming duties, where the General once commanded the 1st Reconnaissance Regiment during year 2008 & 2009. On the arrival, Colonel Commandant was warmly welcomed by the Commanding Officer 1st Reconnaissance Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel S J Samarasinghe psc and was presented with a Guard Turnout.

Thereafter, CO at his office briefed the present deployment, commitments, administrative and training aspects pertaining to the Regiment. There onwards Colonel Commandant commenced the camp visit including the ORs’ accommodation areas, guardroom and tank yards. Further, he addressed Officers and a cross section of troops of the Regiment, greatly emphasising the importance of maintaining the standards and continuing the rich traditions of the 1st Reconnaissance Regiment. Subsequently, the Colonel Commandant joined with all the Officers of 1st Reconnaissance Regiment along with the Officers attached to Armoured Brigade and Regimental Centre at the Cavalry Officers’ Mess.

In marking the end to the day’s events, the Colonel Commandant signed the Visitors’ Book and a memento was handed over to the Colonel Commandant by the Commanding Officer in signifying the visit.