Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Whither the Fates Call

06th October 2021 12:28:58 Hours


The prominent Field Training Exercise (FTX) that participates multi-national military members, Exercise Cormorant Strike was conducted with the scope of developing professional abilities and competency of junior leaders in war fighting, upon conceptual direction of Commander of the Army. Final demonstration of the exercise was held at Kuchchaveli (Nilaveli) beach on 29 September 2021 seeing the participation of Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, Senior Officers from tri services and higher delegations of friendly foreign countries.

Final day of the exercise was designed with a joint mission simulating a scenario where special operation forces of the Sri Lanka Army, Navy and Air Force attack an insurgent base. First time in the exercise history, Sri Lanka Armoured Corps troops took part in the final demonstration of Exercise Cormorant Strike. Accordingly, 1 x Troop of ‘A’ Squadron, 4 Armoured Regiment and 2 x Troops of ‘B’ Squadron, 5th Reconnaissance Regiment were participated for the final demonstration. During the execution, T-55 tank troop at the fire base provided covering fire to soften the insurgent objective to facilitate the subsequent landing of special operation forces to establish an initial. BMP troop and T-86 troop marring up with Mechanized Infantry further exploited insurgent objective captured by special operation forces.