Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Whither the Fates Call

02nd January 2019 16:18:39 Hours


The ceremonial parade accorded to the Colonel Commandant commemorating the 63rd Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps was held at the Home of Armour Parade Grounds on 15 December 2018. The well attended ceremony was conducted under the patronage of the Commander of the Security Forces (West) and the Colonel Commandant of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps Maj Gen S D T Liyanage WWV RWP ndc psc. The proceedings of the day commenced at 0900 hrs with the arrival of Maj Gen and Mrs Liyanage. On his arrival, the Colonel Commandant inspected the Camp Quarter Guard mounted by the troops of the 1st Reconnaissance Regiment, Sri Lanka Armoured Corps followed by the unveiling of plaque “Kadavuru Purawatha” which depicts the historical significance of the Rock House Camp.

Thereafter, the Chief Guest inspected the glamorous cavalry parade adorned with the Regimental Standards and Armoured Fighting Vehicles. The Commanding Officer of the 1st Recconnaisance Regiment, Lt Col K M A P Karunaratne USP psc commanded the parade.

The Colonel Commandant addressing the troops highlighted the importance of professional progression, maintaining traditions and most importantly, military discipline. He also emphasized the importance of the role of Armour in the modern complex security environment. While remembering all fallen and disabled war heroes, the Colonel Commandant thanked all retired and serving Cavalrymen, troops of attached regiments, civil servants of the Corps and their families. He made a special note of thanks on the Commander of the Army, all Principle Staff Officers and Directors at the Army Headquarters for supporting the Corps.

Soon after the parade The Colonel Commandant inaugurated the e-Album of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps; a venture to preserve all pictorial memories of the Corps, digitally.

The 63rd Anniversary Day parade was followed by series of entertainment events entailed with games and performances of The Cavaliers; the Beat Group of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps.