Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Whither the Fates Call

26th January 2024 13:23:16 Hours


As part of the unit's Annual Officers' Training Programme, the 6 Regiment Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (Rft) hosted a Diners' Club event at the Officers’ Mess, 6 SLAC (Rft) on 26 January 2024. The evening featured a captivating Guest Lecture by Col M B B N Herath RSP, the Director of Media & Spokesman at MOD, addressing the theme 'SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIP THROUGH THIRD LENS.' Designed to enrich the knowledge base of Cavalry Officers, the event also served as a dynamic social platform for meaningful interaction.

The Guest Lecturer received a gracious welcome and engaged in an interactive session before delivering the main lecture. The ensuing Q & A session witnessed an intellectually vibrant exchange, showcasing the audience's enthusiasm. The evening culminated with an entertaining session followed by a delightful dinner, fostering camaraderie among the participants.

The distinguished audience included Maj Gen K M P S B Kulathunga RSP ndc psc, Council members, Centre Commandant SLAC, Commander Armoured Brigade, along with other Senior Officers and Officers of the corps, contributing to the success of this noteworthy occasion.