Sri Lanka Armoured Corps

Whither the Fates Call


8th Regiment SLAC is presently the Reinforcement Regiment of the Corps. The cadre strength was fulfilled by absorbing officers and men from the classic regiments. The Armour Brigade and Regimental Centre has made it a requirement for officers and men to serve a given period in the 8th Regiment to gain experience on infantry duties.

8th Regiment was formed on 30th July 1998 at vasavilan. Officers and men of the regiment under go training both in armour and infantry roles.

Immediately after the raising of the Regiment, training started at Vasavilan camp from 03 August 1998. After the training, 04 Officers and 78 men was attached to 512 Brigade for operational duties. B Squadron was deployed at Kadduwan School, Headquarter and A Squadrons were deployed at Vasavilan area. After the LTTE attacked Paranthan, the entire Regiment (10 x 202) was deployed in Paranthan Forward Defence Line. Tactical Headquarter and B Squadron were redeployed at Kilaly on 11 November 1998. On 18 November 1998 B Squadron was deployed under 523 Brigade in Nagarkovil area.

On 04 January 1999 A Squadron was released from the 545 brigade and was deployed under 523 Brigade in Varani. Withthe instructions of 523 brigade 08 x roadblocks were established by the unit in Kilaly area on 06 April 2000 and civilians were permitted to enter in to Jaffna via those road blocks. On 28 April 2000, the entire Regiment was redeployed in Nagarkovil area under 546 Brigade.


On 21 February 1999 B Squadron was deployed along the Kilaly - Eluthumaduwal road for route protection. On 21 March 2000, the troops of A and B Squadrons deployed along Kilaly were attacked by the LTTE, who came by boats from Pooneryn area. Troops of the unit and the Navy sub unit deployed at Kilaly successfully repulsed the attack. Since then the regiment is involved in defencive operations under the 55 Division in Eluthumaduwal sector.

In 2005, the regiment was deployed in Kilaly and performed duties in the Forward Defence Line under 55 Division. Late in 2008, the regiment was deployed in the Muhamalaiand Vettalaikernidefence line as a part of the Humanitarian Operation.At the end of the Humanitarian Operation the regiment was re deployed in Telippilai, Kadduwan, Kovillakkandi and Durgapuram under 515 brigade.In 2011 after a stint of 13 years in the Jaffna peninsula the regiment was deployed in Buttala after training in Walamandiya. On 3rd March 2012, the regiment was amalgamated withthe 10th regiment of the Sri Lanka Armoured Corps which was disbanded.Later the regiment was called upon to serve at the Army headquarters as the Commanders Security Unit. Since 2013, the regiment is deployed in Colombo in support of the projects undertaken by the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development. The RHQ and HQ Squadron is deployed in Dombawelagama.


Name From To
Major LDRS Kumara 1998.07.30 1998.11.28
Major GD Abeygunawardana RWP RSP USP 1999.01.25 2001.02.19
Major ALPS Thilakarathne Psc 2001.01.20 2002.04.02
Major WA Ariyarathne 2002.04.03 2004.05.04
Major SAU Nanayakkara 2004.05.04 2005.01.15
Major EMLUKE Ekanayake 2005.01.15 2006.08.02
Major GD Sooriya Bandara 2006.08.02 2008.01.28
Major WASM Wijedasa Psc 2008.01.28 2008.03.31
Major JB Weragama Psc 2003.03.31 2009.03.11
Major SD Meepagala 2009.03.11 2009.04.01
Lieutenant Colonel SD Meepagala 2009.04.01 2010.07.01
Lieutenant Colonel PR Prthiravithana Psc 2010.07.01 2011.05.01
Lieutenant Colonel MWARC Wijesooriya 2011.05.01 2012.03.31
Lieutenant Colonel PAM Pieris Psc 2012.03.31 2013.01.09
Lieutenant Colonel UK Wikramaarachchi 2013.01.09 Up To Date


Name From To
Major WA Ariyarathne 1998.07.30 1999.11.28
Major JAN Jayasinghe 2000.01.14 2001.11.23
Major KGMS Pranando 2001.11.24 2002.02.06
Major MHAD Hettiarachchi 2002.02.07 2003.01.12
Major GD Sooriya Banadara 2003.01.13 2006.01.20
Major SD Meepagala 2003.01.13 2006.01.20
Major WP Kariyawasam 2006.01.20 2007.07.27
Major KGSM Senevirathne 2009.02.28 2009.12.19
Major DKRN Silva Psc 2010.03.01 2011.06.11
Major RRMPNB Babaradeniya RWP RSP Psc 2011.06.11 2012.03.31
Major PM DE Silva RSP 2012.03.31 Up To Date