Sri Lanka Signal Corps

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Regimental Centre of the Sri Lanka Signal Corps was inaugurated on 19th October 1990. Regimental Center is the hub of the Corps of Signals that centrally connector to all the Classic Signal Regiments, Signal Reinforcement Battalion and all other Signal elements and installations. Presently there are five classic Signal Regiments, one IT Regiment and two Reinforcement Signal Battalions administratively function under the Regimental Centre.

This organization is headed by the Regimental Center Commandant who performs duties under the directions and guidance of Colonel Commandant of the Corps of Signal. Main responsibility of the Regimental Centre is to ensure proper existence of all administrative matters of Corps of Signal in liaison with the Army Headquarters such as distribution/ posting of officers and Other Ranks to all Signal installation and outside of Signals, promotion recommendation of officers, promotions of Other Ranks within the Corps, coordinate and conduct of all kinds of training for officers and Other Ranks, nominating personnel for UN development, coordinate all ceremonial matters, coordinate of all financial matters, coordinate recruiting for the Corps and ensure all the other administrative and logistic system of the Corps functioning efficiently. For this purpose, the Regimental Centre is mainly divided into three branches - General Branch, Administrative Branch and Logistic Branch.

Past Regimental Centre Commandants

Name From To
Colonel KA Gnanaweera USP 1990.10.19 1992.10.01
Colonel HGN Padmasiri USP 1992.10.01 1994.09.01
Colonel MA Wipulaguna 1994.09.01 1995.01.01
Colonel MA Wipulaguna 1995.06.05 1996.10.19
Colonel KS Liyanage USP psc 1997.02.05 1999.01.13
Colonel EP de Z Abeysekera 1999.01.13 1999.11.11
Lieutenant Colonel AT Banagoda RSP (Officiating) 1999.11.11 2001.04.06
Colonel HMHA Herath psc 2001.04.06 2002.05.08
Colonel TF Meedin RSP Ldmc 2002.05.08 2003.08.10
Colonel SAPP Samarasinghe RSP USP psc 2003.08.10 2005.01.03
Colonel RA Kaduwela 2005.01.03 2006.02.08
Colonel KRP Rowel RWP USP psc USACGSC 2006.02.08 2007.11.30
Colonel RAS Ranasinghe USP 2007.12.06 2009.07.29
Brigadier RAS Ranasinghe USP 2009.07.29 2009.10.30
Colonel MT Vaidyaratne 2009.10.30 2010.04.24
Colonel DR Dharmasiri USP Hdmc 2010.04.24 2010.06.10
Colonel HP Seneviratne USP 2010.06.10 2010.10.05
Brigadier HP Seneviratne USP 2010.10.05 2011.02.06
Lieutenant Colonel LSP Perera (Officiating) 2011.02.06 2011.05.02
Col DR Dharmasiri USP Hdmc 2011.05.02 2014. 07.25
Col NP Akuranthilake 2014.07.25 2014.08.08
Brig NP Akuranthilake 2014.08.08 2017.01.11
Brig PAJ Peries 2017.01.12 2018.07.18
Brig LSP Perera USP 2018.07.18 2020.09.22
Col GGA Gunasekara USP 2020.09.23 2021.05.18
Brig GGA Gunasekara USP 2021.05.18 2021.09.14
Brig GS Fonseka USP psc 2021.09.21 2023.01.04
Brig BI Assalaratchi USP psc 2023.01.04 2023.01.19
Col AKD Adikari USP 2023.01.19
Brig SJKD Jayawardena USP psc 2023.12.01 2024-03-19