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Infotechs (Pvt) Ltd to discuss about communication equipment and support capabilities with THALES Product.

Prinex Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd to discuss how DUONS can better support the Army.

CEIEC to discuss about Test and Trial of Chinese HF Radio Sri Lanka.

Aero Vironment Inc (AV) to discuss Sri Lankan military requirements for UAV Systems.

Crypto AG Conf to Secure SLAMWN with high Security Cipher equipment.

Cyber Security Presentation of China National Electronics Import & Export Corporation (CEIEC).

Introduction to Google Suit Conf

Introduction to Google Suit Conf

Lugra Technologies Conf

Apogee International Conf

Dynacom Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Conf

Providing Advices on Conservation of Army Documents Conf

Infosoft Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Conf

Bluechip Technical Services (Pvt) Ltd Conf

Barret Company Australia

INSSS Company

TRI Forces Communication


Blue Chip

Huawei Technologies Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Iron one Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

Blue Chip BM i2


East West and Infortec (Pvt) Ltd

Bharat Electronic (Pvt) Ltd

CICRA Consultancies (Pvt) Ltd

Collaris Company - Nation Defence, Surveilance & Force Protection System