Sri Lanka Signal Corps

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12th Signal Regiment (Cyber Security) was inaugurated on 25th January 2017 at the Signals Regimental Centre premises, PANAGODA in order to conquer future challenges of Information Security in the Army. Considering the gravity of the role and tasks of this Regiment, Army Headquarters approved its organization keeping a senior officer in the rank of Colonel as the Commanding Officer for the first time in the history of the Sri Lanka Army.

As the knowledge on Information and Communication Technology has become a vital and significant requirement in the entire Sri Lanka Army, as the Army is widely dependent on and utilizes Information and Communication Technology, and as the rapid growth in use of network computing and related cyber threats are realized, this Regiment was brought into the action swiftly that initially introduced the novel Cyber Security Policy in 2017 marking the secure future path of Sri Lanka Army.

In addition, advanced training on Cyber Security was identified as one of the vital requirement if require to presumptuously face the Cyber challenges possibly occur in the future. Therefore, since 2017, series of training programmes were conducted aiming at improving the technical knowledge of soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army in multiple occasions. In today’s and future contexts, 12th Signal Regiment (Cyber Security) is an essential component in the organization of the Corps of Signals that momentously engage in all the matters pertaining to the Cyber Security and related activities required for the Army as well as for other outside organization.

During these periods following officers commanded the 12th Regiment Sri Lanka Signal Corps (CS):

COL SPP PAKSHAWEERA 2017.01.25 - 2018.08.09
COL KC PRATHAPASINGHE 2018.08.09 - 2020.07.06
COL ENP GUNAWARDHANE USP 2020.07.09 - 2022.01.13
COL KVP DHAMMIKA USP psc 2022.01.14 - Up to date