Sri Lanka Signal Corps

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10th April 2024 00:00:00 Hours


The Sri Lanka Signal Corps marked the dawn of the Sinhala & Tamil New Year 2024 with a grand celebration that blended tradition, camaraderie, and community spirit. Both officers and other ranks of the Corps of Signals came together on Tuesday, 9th April 2024, at the Regimental Center Playground in Panagoda for a day filled with festivities and joy.

The ceremony was honored by the presence of Major General IHMRK Herath USP ndc psc, the Chief Signal Officer of the Sri Lanka Army and the Colonel Commandant of the Corps of Signals, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The formal commencement of the festival was marked by the lighting of the traditional oil lamp by the Chief Guest, accompanied by the playing of the National Anthem and the Signal Anthem, setting the tone for the day's celebrations.

The event was made even more memorable by the attendance of the Chairperson of the Signals Seva Vanitha Branch, Mrs. Ganga Herath, along with many members and families of officers and other ranks of the Regiment, adding glamour and warmth to the dynamic atmosphere.

A wide array of well-organized games and events captivated the hearts and minds of all participants, featuring traditional games and competitions such as the Marathon, pot-cracking, pillow-fighting, and grease-pole climbing. Additionally, activities like tug-of-war, musical chairs, slow-riding bikes, and fancy-dress performances added to the festive ambiance.

Special events were also held for children, including bun-eating, eye-placing on the elephant, and balloon-blowing, ensuring the celebration was inclusive and enjoyable for families. In line with the New Year festivities, the Seva Vanitha Branch of the Sri Lanka Signal Corps organized a trade fair at the same venue, offering a diverse range of goods and products. Signal Brigades, School of Signals, RHQ SLSC, All Units, and the Seva Vanitha Branch of the Corps of Signals participated with their trade stalls, providing day-to-day home needs for officers and other ranks serving in the Army Cantonment, Panagoda.

The trade fair, which mainly featured food items, clothing, plants, and household items, aimed to uplift the welfare facilities of officers and soldiers while offering goods at concessionary prices, adding significant value to their well-being.

The New Year celebration and Seva Wanitha Trade Fair exemplified the strong sense of community and solidarity within the Sri Lanka Signal Corps, embodying the spirit of togetherness and prosperity as the nation embarked on a new year filled with hope and promise.