Sri Lanka Signal Corps

Swift & Sure

09th December 2019 17:25:09 Hours


Signal Officers’ annual training day in line with the quarterly Training Day of the year 2019 was held on 07th and 08th December 2019 at Pahiyangala and Laya Resort premises in Kukuleganga in a well-coordinated setting with their family members.

The program was started with hike to Pahiyangala ancient Rock and followed by pre-lunch session at River Bank of Kukuleganga. The get-together was organized on arriving day evening at Laya Resort premises which was integrated with activities to enhance the bond of Signal families. During the Following day cricket match and many collective activities were organized at the Kukuleganga Laya Resort premises and had followed by late lunch. The Colonel Commandant and other Senior Officers and Officers actively participated for the annual outbound training day.