Sri Lanka Signal Corps

Swift & Sure

05th January 2024 06:00:00 Hours


Major General IHMRK Herath USP ndc psc assumed office as the 17th Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Signal Corps on 04 January 2024 at the SLSC Regimental Centre.

The day was filled with memorable events as he was greeted and welcomed by the Centre Commandant Brigadier SJKD Jayawardena USP psc and was accorded with a Guard Turnout at the main entrance. Thereafter, the Colonel Commandant placed a floral wreath at the fallen war heroes’ monument in remembrance of fallen war heroes. Then he was invited to receive the salute in a ceremonial parade at the Regimental Centre parade ground. Afterwards, he posed for a few group photographs with all the officers.

Subsequently, the Colonel Commandant placed his signature in a formal document amidst religious observances to signify the acceptance of the new office. Addressing the signal troops, he shared his vision for the regiment’s future, setting the stage for continued excellence. Making the event much more memorable, the Colonel Commandant planted a sapling at the Regimental Centre, signifying growth and the future prospects of the regiment.

Then, a traditional tea was hosted with all ranks. He also took his time out to address all officers who had participated in the series of events and officers deployed in distant locations on a virtual platform. Afterwards, he attended lunch with all officers at Regimental Officers’ mess and the day’s proceedings concluded with the discussion with COs of SLSC units at the Conference Hall.

It was a truly remarkable day, made even more special by the celebration of the Colonel Commandant’s birthday, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Sri Lanka Signal Corps.