Sri Lanka Signal Corps

Swift & Sure

14th March 2024 18:04:33 Hours


Brigadier YSP Sumanasinghe RSP, assumed duties as the 2nd Brigade Commander of 2 Signal Brigade (Force Multiplication and Projection) on 13th March 2024 during a brief ceremony amidst religious blessings.

In accordance with military traditions, Brigadier YSP Sumanasinghe RSP reviewed the Guard Turnout on arrival after he was warmly welcomed by the Commanding Officer of 12 SLSC Colonel WRMR Wickramasinghe USP and General Staff Officer 1 (Ops/Coord) of 2 Signal Brigade Lieutenant Colonel LNP Liyanage SLSC upon his arrival at the brigade headquarters premises.

Brigadier YSP Sumanasinghe RSP placed his signature in an official document to signify the acceptance of the new responsibilities at the auspicious minute.

The new Brigade Commander, Brigadier YSP Sumanasinghe RSP served as the Chief Coordinator at Centre for Defence Research and Development, prior to his new appointment. Soon after the assumption of duties, he briefly addressed the officers and other ranks of the brigade staff and set out his vision for the future endeavours of the 2 Signal Brigade.

Senior Officers, the Commanding Officer of 12 SLSC (Cyber Security), Officers and Other Ranks of the 2 Signal Brigade, 9 SLSC (Electronic Warfare) and 12 SLSC (Cyber Security) were present at the occasion.