Sri Lanka Signal Corps

Swift & Sure

26th February 2024 06:00:00 Hours


The monthly meeting of the Signals Seva Vanitha branch for the month of February was held on Sunday 25th with the participation of a large gathering. The event was held in the School of Signals, Kandy for the first time in the annals of its history. The proceedings were conducted with a gathering of beloved wives of officers as well as Non Commissioned Officers (NCO).

It is worth to highlight that, fourteen members of the participants were beloved wives of NCO in the ranks of Sergeant and above. Ladies living in the districts of Kandy, Matale and Kegalle were invited without making it a tiresome event for them.

Opening the avenues of Seva Vanitha branch for the wives of Other Ranks has been taken place after a lapse of one and half decades. The event was organized under the patronage of the Colonel Commandant SLSC.

Due to the recent retirement of the vice president, the executive committee was re-appointed including two representatives from the wives of NCOs.

A donation programme was also included in the proceedings. Ms Sadareka Kumarasinghe, daughter of the deceased war hero Sergeant Kumarasinge HDS received a scholarship as an undergraduate in the faculty of medicine, University of Peradeniya.