Sri Lanka Signal Corps

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21st February 2024 08:00:00 Hours

Chief Signal Officer Makes First Official Visit to 5 SLSC

Major General I.H.M.R.K Herath USP ndc psc, the Chief Signal Officer of the Sri Lanka Army and the Colonel Commandant of the Sri Lanka Signal Corps (SLSC), undertook his inaugural official visit to 5 SLSC on 20 February 2024.

Upon arrival, Major S.P Gallage USP, the Commanding Officer, extended a warm welcome to the Colonel Commandant. Subsequently, troops of the 5 SLSC presented a Guard Turnout in accordance with military traditions.

The day's agenda began with ceremonial proceedings, including the planting of a sapling and a group photograph session. This was followed by an interactive session with troops over an All Ranks tea. Subsequently, the Commanding Officer provided the Colonel Commandant with a comprehensive briefing covering communication infrastructure, administrative, and logistical matters.

The Colonel Commandant then undertook a thorough tour in the camp, engaging with Officers and joining them for lunch at the Officers' Mess. Before his departure, he recorded his compliments in the visitors' book, acknowledging the hospitality and professionalism demonstrated throughout the visit.

Senior Officers, Officers, and Other Ranks participated in the event