Sri Lanka Signal Corps

Swift & Sure


The 9th Regiment of Sri Lanka Signal Corps was established on 15th July 2008 and is in the active service for four years up to date, by providing the strategically indispensable coordination and communication to all Division Headquarters, Brigade Headquarters, Forward Maintenance Area (FMA) Kilinochchi and all the Battalions under the Security Forces Headquarter (Kilinochchi). Presently, this unit is established at Iranamadu in Kilinochchi Area of Responsibility.

The unit was raised on 15 July 2008 at Regimental Center Sri Lanka Signals Corps Panagoda under the command of Major DMPP Dasanyaka as the first commanding officer. Just after inauguration unit was deployed in Mannar for the purpose of providing communications for 58 Infantry Division during the Humanitarian Operation. Throughout the Humanitarian Operations officers and ranks were able to provide sophisticated and timely communication advice and facilities which were commendable by the formations commanders. At the end of Humanitarian Operations unit was deployed at Iranamadu Kilinochchi and achieved tremendous improvement in both administrative and training aspects with the exemplary guidance and the leadership of past commanding officers.

During these periods following officers commanded the 9th Regiment Sri Lanka Signal Corps:

Major DMPP Dasanayake 2008.07.15 - 2009.05.23
Lieutenant Colonel KAWS Rathnayake 2009.05.23 - 2011.01.01
Lieutenant Colonel DBC Jayasinghe psc 2011.01.01- 2012.10.23
Lieutenant Colonel CP Arangalla psc 2012.10.23 - 2013.01.12
Lieutenant Colonel AP Wickramasekara psc 2013.01.12 - 2014.06.20
Lieutenant Colonel GCV Fernando 2014.06.21 - 2016.07.28
Lieutenant Colonel PWMMD Wijerathne RSP USP 2016.07.28 - 2018.08.04
Lieutenant Colonel MKG Perera RSP USP 2018.07.28 - 2020.08.07
Lieutenant Colonel MPCB Jayashantha USP 2020.08.08 - 2022.02.10
Major BMMB Herath RSP USP 2022.02.11
Lieutenant Colonel BMMB Herath RSP USP 2022.05.18-up to date