Sri Lanka Signal Corps

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Sri Lanka Signal Corp does posses a long standing history from its inception from the, then Ceylon Army which was raised by the British, way back in 1948. Primary task of it was to provide communications for both operational and administrative commitments in the Army. Deviating from that on the necessitated demand that the Sri Lankan Army faced with in the 1990s to face the bitter fighting of the menace of terrorism, a decisive decision was took, to form RFT regiments from the support arms of the Army, merely to perform the infantry duties since the Army did face a serious scarcity of infantry troops to fight the threat posed by the terrorists. In fulfilling the popular demand Signals had the fortitude to accept the challenge thrown at it. With that back drop the first infantry regiment of Sri Lanka Signals was formed on 02 January 1994 i.e. 5SLSC (Rft) as its 04th battalion.

5SLSC was raised and formed in DEWAHOOWA with 25 x officers and 900 x men. In its inception all the officers and senior NCOs who took up the challenge were from the other three regiments namely 1SLSC, 3SLSC and 4SLSC. Also it had the fortune of recruiting 800 x recruits directly to its strength and the first commanding officer himself was given the responsibility to train and groom them to be the highly demanded signal infantrymen. With the successful fulfilment of training, first commanding officer of the battalion, then Major EP de Z Abeysekera the father of the regiment, who was the Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Signal Corps from 2010 - 05 - 25 to 2014 -05-07, Master General Ordnance and the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army was assigned with the responsibility to be deployed for the first time in its inception under, then 1 Brigade at POONANY, purely on infantry duties.

Since then, Battalion was deployed in operational duties almost in its entire existence to date in Valachchanai, Kalkuda, Baticaloa, Mankerny, Sathurukondan, Werugalaru, Mavilaru, Sinhapura, Kallar, Nachchikuda, Udayarkattu and Mulleyaweli areas it was deployed notably, apart from its participation in offensives.

After the eradication of terrorism the battalion was amalgamated on 03 Mar 2012 where 10 slsc and 5 SLSC was made one unit. This was the first time a Signal battalion did an amalgamation in the entire history of Sri Lanka Signal Corps. This was merely done to boost up the depleted strengths and to induce an effective command and administrative structure, which was effected due to prolonged deployment in operations. Apart from that it enhanced its assets for better performance of duties.

During these periods following officers commanded the 5th Regiment Sri Lanka Signal Corps (RFT):

Major EP De Z Abeysekera 1994/01/02 - 1994/07/01
Lieutenant Colonel EP De Z Abeysekera 1994/07/02 - 1995/06/08
Lieutenant Colonel HMHA Herath psc 1995/06/09 - 1996/06/27
Lieutenant Colonel KM Nawarathne 1996/06/28 - 1998/01/04
Major AR Samarasinghe 1998/01/05 - 1999/11/12
Major RAS Ranasinghe 1999/11/13 - 2000/07/01
Lieutenant Colonel RAS Ranasinghe 2000/07/02 - 2001/01/11
Major D Ekanayake 2001/01/12 - 2002/12/30
Major MT Waiddyarathne 2002/12/31 - 2005/01/27
Major HP Senavirathne 2005/01/28 - 2005/05/12
Lieutenant Colonel HP Senavirathne 2005/05/13 - 2005/10/24
Lieutenant Colonel NM Hettiarachchi psc 2005/10/25 - 2006/08/25
Major AJ Peiris 2006/08/26 - 2007/07/15
Major WL Premasiri 2007/07/16 - 2007/10/10
Lieutenant Colonel WL Premasiri 2007/10/11 - 2008/02/19
Lieutenant Colonel PAJ Peiris 2008/02/19 - 2008/08/11
Major BWMJA Premadasa RSP 2008/08/12 - 2009/02/22
Lieutenant Colonel WG Dias 2009/04/19 - 2010/10/29
Lieutenant Colonel WL Premasiri 2010/10/30 - 2011/12/01
Lieutenant Colonel IHMRK Herath psc 2012/02/01 - 2013/11/24
Lieutenant Colonel BI Assalarachchi psc 2013/11/25 - 2016/01/26
Lieutenant Colonel BD Fernando psc 2016/01/27 - 2018/02/02
Lieutenant Colonel PHN Chandrasekara 2018/02/02 - 2020/02/26
Lieutenant Colonel DMIS Bandara 2020/02/27 - 2021/10/29
Lt Col SALI Jayasena psc 2021/10/30 - Up to date