Sri Lanka Signal Corps

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Sri Lanka Army was using a computer known as “SINCLAIR” at the beginning of 1980s. With popularization of technology at that era further step put forward to form a committee called "Computer Committee" in 1985. The earliest President was Brigadier GGTT Alapatha. Meanwhile Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka was assigned to study possibilities to computerize army administration work by the computer committee. The study report of Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka was shown that army was progressing in a slow phase with computer technology. After studying the report, army set policies to advance through Information technology.

Sri Lanka Army initiated a project called Automatic Data Processing service and inaugurated on 1st of June 1988 under the supervision of a Staff Officer, the first Staff Officer was Lt Col AS Warakagoda from SLSC. At the time Sri Lanka Army was equipped with 18 numbers of computers and mainly operators were from SLAWC & SLAGSC. Later Army had able to increase the 50 numbers of computers, 20 officers and 25 other ranks by the end of year 1989.

Sri Lanka Army identified the significance of technology for the administration, and then Automatic Data Processing service rose as Electronic Data Processing Unit (EDPU) on 23rd August 1990. This was another major step put forward to development and utilization of computer technology in Sri Lanka Army.

Decade 90 was flourished with technology in Sri Lanka. Networking technology was a major improvement in the field. Sri Lanka Army also acquired the same and interconnected main branches with providing internet facility.

LTTE organization was campaigning against Sri Lankan government by using same technologies and media, army determined to counter their action, as a result to that Sri Lanka Army launched a web site www.army.lk to show the world what is actually happening on the ground. Development of Information Technology and induction of new terminologies in to the field, the term coined as “Electronic Data Processing” was becoming obsolete, to keep the phase, Regiment name transformed as “Information Technology Unit” on 14 October 2003, at the time regiment comprised with 40 officers and 492 other ranks (94 volunteers). Information Technology Unit was relocated in Army Cantonment Panagoda by 2009. Later the “Information Technology Unit” renamed as “11th Regiment of the Sri Lanka Signal Corps” and made under command to RHQ SLSC on 24th September 2010.

During these periods following officers commanded the 11th Regiment Sri Lanka Signal Corps:

Lieutenant Colonel AS Warakagoda 23/08/1991 - 16/05/1993
Colonel SJ Wickramasinghe 16/05/1993 - 03/11/1997
Lieutenant Colonel MKVS Jinadasa 03/11/1997 - 15/11/2000
Colonel RA Kaduwela 05/12/2000 - 20/11/2001
Lieutenant Colonel WPU Chandrasiri 20/11/2001 - 20/06/2002
Lieutenant Colonel WPAKP Abeysinghe 20/06/2002 - 07/03/2006
Lieutenant Colonel RD Ekanayake 07/03/2006 - 06/05/2008
Lieutenant Colonel DLSU De Silva 06/05/2008 - 12/08/2010
Lieutenant Colonel GNU Jayarathne 12/08/2010 - 26/06/2013
Lieutenant Colonel KC Prathapasinghe 27/06/2013 - 05/02/2015
Lieutenant Colonel SSP Pakshaweera 06/02/2015 - 17/10/2016
Lieutenant Colonel MTC De Silva psc 17/10/2016 - 30/10/2018
Lieutenant Colonel RC Wijekoon USP psc 07/11/2018- 21/10/2020
Lieutenant Colonel SD Kothalawala RSP 22/10/2020 - 21/04/2022
Lieutenant Colonel AMCK Gunathilake USP 22/04/2022 -
Lieutenant Colonel KMPGETB Kekulandara 27/09/2023 - Up to date