Security Forces Headquarters (West)


Security Forces Headquarters

04th June 2023 14:13:36 Hours


Poson festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Buddhists in Sri Lanka. It commemorates the arrival of Arahant Mahinda, the son of Emperor Asoka, who introduced Buddhism to the island in the 3rd century BC. The festival falls on the full moon day of June, and it is a time of great religious fervor and cultural significance.

Accordingly, in line with the Poson Festival 2023, the Sri Lanka Army Buddhist Association, Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force and Security Forces Headquarters (West) troops, in collaboration with the Independent Television Network (ITN), organized a ‘Seela Samadi programme’ themed ‘Sawanak Res’ at Bodhirajaramaya Army temple in Panagoda on 03 June 2023. The programme aimed to invoke merits for fallen war heroes and blessings for disabled soldiers, serving Army personnel and their family members, and all Sri Lankans.

The event commenced with sermons delivered by Venerable Horawala Dhammajothi Nayaka Thera and Venerable Dodampe Saddhavimala Thera, and sermons were followed by religious practices and rituals, which were participated in by a large number of devotees, including the Volunteer Force Commandant, Major General W.A.S.S. Wanasinghe RSP USP ndu, the Commander Security Forces West, Major General D.M.K.D.B. Pussella RWP RSP, few directors from Army Headquarters, Centre Commandants, Senior Officers, Officers, and Other Ranks. By the way, this event was also an opportunity for the people residing in the Colombo area to come together in a spirit of unity and faith to celebrate the Poson Festival and to pay homage to their ancestors and heritage.

In addition to the event at Bodhirajaramaya Army temple, the Security Forces Headquarters (West) organized a Poson zone along the high-level road from Pitipana junction to Godagama junction in the Homagama area that was part of the ‘Homagama Darma Rashmi’ Wesak Zone. This zone included several colourful Poson lanterns designed and created by the Regimental Headquarters and units belonging to the Security Forces (West) Area of Responsibility. This Poson Zone was a beautiful sight to behold, with a number of lanterns lighting up the night. The lanterns were made in various shapes and sizes, depicting different scenes from the life of the Buddha and other Buddhist stories.

At the same time, the Security Forces Headquarters (West) and Regimental Centres located at Army Cantonment Panagoda troops gave their utmost assistance to organize a bath dansala at Mahinda Rajapaksha College, Homagama. It was held in collaboration with civil agencies, who provided dry and fresh rations, while Army troops provided cooking facilities and distributed them among the devotees who came to witness the Poson Festival in the Homagama area.

Thus, the troops worked tirelessly to prepare the meals and ensure that everyone was served promptly and with respect. It was a wonderful example of cooperation between the military and civil society, coming together to celebrate a religious and cultural festival. Further, the aforesaid Dansala and Poson zone are open until 05 June 2023 for devotees.

Moreover, the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General H.L.V.M. Liyanage RWP RSP ndu, provided guidance, while the Volunteer Force Commandant, Major General W.A.S.S. Wanasinghe RSP USP ndu, Major General D.M.K.D.B. Pussella RWP RSP, the Commander Security Forces (West) and Centre Commandants of respective Regiments closely monitored the preparations of those charitable events.