Security Forces Headquarters (West)


Security Forces Headquarters

09th June 2023 08:57:23 Hours


Troops of 14 (v) Gemunu Watch recently joined in a Shramadana campaign aimed at combating the dengue epidemic in the Galle area. This initiative brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including port employees, boat owners, fishery inspectors, Public Health Inspectors, police personnel, and coast guard forces. This joint effort was held on 05 June 2023, at the Galle Harbor premises and was organized in conjunction with the ongoing dengue epidemic prevention programme in Galle district.

The troops, numbering 25 in total, were engaged in this project as per the request made by the stakeholders and with the approval of the Security Forces Headquarters (West) by providing their manpower for the campaign. Similarly, the soldiers were eager to lend their assistance in combating the dengue epidemic that has been wreaking havoc on communities across Sri Lanka.

This Shramadana campaign was focused on identifying and eliminating potential breeding sites for dengue-carrying mosquitoes. The troops and other participants worked tirelessly to illuminate and destroy these breeding sites, ensuring that they would not pose a threat to the health and safety of the local community.

In addition to eliminating breeding sites, the participants also cleaned the surrounding area of the harbor premises. This included removing any debris or waste that could accumulate water and become a breeding site for mosquitoes. The cleanup effort was a crucial component of the campaign, as it ensured that the area would remain free of breeding sites in the future.

Further, the troops showed exceptional dedication and commitment to this Shramadana campaign. Their hard work and perseverance were instrumental in the success of the initiative. By working together with other stakeholders, the troops were able to make a significant impact in the fight against dengue in the Galle Harbor area.

Moreover, Army involvement is closely monitored by the 613 Brigade Commander and Commanding Officer of 14 (v) Battalion Gemunu Watch under the instructions of the Commander Security Forces (West), along with General Officer Commanding 61 Infantry Division.