Security Forces Headquarters (West)


Security Forces Headquarters

27th March 2024 11:59:18 Hours


On 22 March 2024, the Passing out Parade of Recruited Women Soldiers at the Recruit Training Center Sri Lanka Artillery took place at the 6 Field Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery Parade Ground. Major General SWM Fernando WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc the Commander of Security Forces (West), presided as the Chief Guest.

A total of 102 female recruit soldiers participated in the parade. Among them, Recruit Jayaratne KK of the Sri Lanka Medical Corps demonstrated exceptional skills, earning recognition as the best female soldier in all aspects. Additionally, Recruit Wijesinghe NGSS of the Sri Lanka Army Women Corps was honored with the Best Physical Fitness Award.

Furthermore, Recruit Sewwandi GKD, a female soldier of the Sri Lanka Medical Corps, stood out as the recipient of the Best Marksman Award. These awards were presented to the deserving soldiers by the Commander Security Forces (West).

This event showcased the dedication and excellence of the recruited women soldiers, highlighting their talents and capabilities during the parade. The Centre Commandant of Sri Lanka Artillery Regiment and Senior Officers from Security Forces Headquarters (West) participated for this event.