To be an effective instrument to the Government Endeavour to cultivate national harmony in Jaffna Peninsula through uplifting the physical quality of life and spiritual value of the people.



  • Ensuring security in Jaffna Peninsula as a part of the national security
  • Maintaining combat effectiveness and the professionalism of the force under command
  • Assisting the Police in maintaining Law and Order (MACP)
  • Coordinating all security related aspects in liaison with Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Air Force in the area
  • Monitoring and surveillance of attempts on regrouping of terrorists
  • Assisting local authorities to maintain essential services (MACA)
  • Assisting government and local authorities in disaster management activities (MACC)


Security Forces Headquarters (Jaffna) is the main military formation that ensures the security in Jaffna peninsula. It was established as a Task Force to counter illegal immigration in year 1963 under the command of Colonel D S Artigala psc who succeeded later as the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army from year 1967 to 1977. The following officers have discharged duties as the Commanders of Task Force Anti - illicit Immigration from year 1965.

Colonel  M P Jayaweera  1965.07.01 1966.02.01
Colonel  P D Ramayanayake 1969.02.01 1970.07.15
Colonel  E T De Z Abeysekara 1970.07.15 1971.12.01
Colonel  B K D J E Rodrigo psc  1971.12.01 1972.11.01
Colonel  T I Weeratunga 1972.12.01 1976.03.01
Colonel  A V V Atukorala psc 1976.03.01 1977.01.01
Colonel  M Medawala 1977.01.01 1977.11.30
Colonel  G D Fernando 1977.12.01 1978.10.01

In the wake of the war against terrorism the Task Force was renamed as the Task Force 4 Northern in year 1980 and it was commanded by Colonel H G De Silva psc. His successor Colonel H Wanasinghe VSV commanded the Task Force 4 Northern Headquarters from 15 January 1981 to 15 December 1981.

Upon the incident that killed 13 Army soldiers in Thirunelveli, Jaffna in 1981 the Task Force Headquarters was renamed as Northern Command, and functioned under the command of Colonel C H Fernando. The following officers have commanded the Northern Command Headquarters since 1983.

Colonel  A Ariyapperuma psc 1983.09.20    1984.11.19
Colonel  S M A Jayawardena psc 1983.12.01   1985.07.18
Lieutenant Colonel  D E C Waidyaratne psc 1985.03.18   1985.07.18
Colonel  G H De Silva 1985.07.18   1985.12.01
Colonel  C J Abeyratne  1985.12.01 1986.06.14

The intense battle scenario in Northern part of the island required an upgrade of the number of troops and military requirements, thus the Northern Command was renamed as Security Forces Headquarters (Jaffna) in year 1986. It was initially Commanded by Brigadier H Wanasinghe VSV and the following officers assumed office as the Commander Security Forces (Jaffna) later.

Brigadier   H F Rupasinghe  1986.01.10 1986.08.14
Brigadier   G H De Silva  1986.08.15 1987.08.19
Brigadier   J I De Jayaratne 1987.08.20 1988.08.16
Brigadier   T N De Silva 1988.08.16 1989.01.16
Brigadier   Y Balaratnaraja 1989.01.17 1989.12.20

Later in year 1989 this headquarters was renamed as 21 Brigade and its first commander was Brigadier J Nammuni. Later the following officers commanded this headquarters.

Brigadier  W I V K M Wimalaratne RWP RSP psc 1991.01.03 1992.08.08
Brigadier  R de S Daluwatte ndc psc 1992.09.09 1992.10.21
Brigadier  G P Kulatunga RWP B.A.(Cey) 1992.10.21 1993.09.14
Brigadier  J Nammuni 1993.09.14 1993.11.27
Brigadier  A K Jayawardena RWP RSP psc 1993.11.27 1994.12.06

On the failure of peace talks and subsequently the withdrawal of Indian Peace Keeping Forces, Sri Lanka Army launched successful operations to attack LTTE Terrorists in Jaffna peninsula. As a result Sri Lanka Army troops were able to hold the control over Jaffna peninsula under the command of this headquarters. Hence, the 21 Brigade Headquarters was renamed as Task Force 1 in year 1994, and Major General C S Weerasooriya RWP RSP was appointed as the first commander. The following senior officers Commanded the Task Force 1 from year 1995 to 1996.

Major General  H S Hapuarachchi 1995.04.09  1995.10.07
Brigadier R P Liyanage RSP 1995.10.07  1996.05.21
Brigadier  L C R Gunawardena RSP USP 1996.05.21  1996.06.19

In year 1996 Task Force 1 extended its Tactical Area of Responsibility towards Kilinochchi are in Northern Province. In order to establish a center command within Jaffna peninsula, Task Force 1 Headquarters was converted as Security Forces Headquarters (Jaffna), and it functioned under the command of Major General P A Karunathilake RWP. The following senior officers Commanded this Headquarters from year 1997.

Major General L P Balagalla USP ndc IG 1997.11.01 1998.11.09
Major General L C R Gunawardena RSP USP ndc IG 1998.11.09 1999.11.12
Major General P S C Munasinghe RWP RSP USP 1999.11.12 1999.12.26
Major General J K N Jayakodi USP 1999.12.26 2000.01.09
Major General A M C W P Senevirathne USP psc 2000.01.20 2000.04.20
Major General G S C Fonseka RWP RSP psc 2000.04.21 2000.07.02
Major General A E D Wijendra RSP USP ndc psc 2000.08.03 2001.07.02
Major General M D S Chandrapala RWP RSP USP psc 2001.07.02 2001.08.16
Major General D S K Wijesooriya RWP RSP USP psc 2001.08.16 2002.05.09
Major General G S C Fonseka RWP RSP rcds psc 2002.05.09 2003.12.15
Major General M D S Chandrapala RWP RSP USP ndu psc 2003.12.16 2004.08.19
Major General S D Thennakoon RSP ndc 2004.08.20 2005.12.12
Major General G A Chandrasiri RWP USP ndc psc 2005.12.12 2009.01.02
Major General M C M P Samarasinghe RWP RSP USP ndc psc 2009.01.02 2009.07.23
Major General G R De Silva USP ndu 2009.07.23 2009.08.19
Major General L B R Mark RSP USP ndu 2009.09.19 2010.01.07
Major General M Hathurusinghe RSP ndc IG 2010.01.07 2014.01.09
Major General G V D Udaya Perera RWP RSP USP USAWC psc 2014.01.10 2014.11.27
Major General K J Alwis RWP RSP USP ndu psc 2014.11.28 2015.02.20
Major General N Udawatta WWV RSP VSV USP ndc psc 2015.02.20 2016.01.19
Major General N U M M W Senanayake RWP RSP USP psc 2016.01.28 2017.03.27
Major General D D U K Hettiarrachchi RSP USP ndu psc MA 2017.03.28 2019.07.14
Major General P R Wanigasooriya VSV USP ndu USACGSC 2019.07.15 2020.08.08
Major General W G H A S Bandara RWP RSP ndu 2020.08.09 2021.01.16
Major General W L P W Perera RWP RSP ndu 2021.01.17 2021.07.18
Major General T J Kodituwakku RWP RSP ndu 2021.07.18 2021.12.16
Major General D G S Senarath Yapa RWP RSP ndu 2021.12.17 2022.06.12
Major General W M G C S B Wijayasundara RSP USP ndu 2022.06.13 2022.12.01
Major General DBSN Bothota RWP RSP VSV USP psc 2022.12.26 2023.05.31
Major General SRK Hettiarachchi RWP RSP VSV USP ndu psc 2023.06.12 2024.01.11
Major General Maj Gen SWB Welagedara RSP VSV USP ndc 2024.01.12 2024.01.24
Major General Maj Gen MGWWWMCB Wickramasinghe RWP RSP ndu psc 2024.01.24 Up to Date