To be an effective instrument to the Government Endeavour to cultivate national harmony in Jaffna Peninsula through uplifting the physical quality of life and spiritual value of the people.

52 Division

52 Div was raised in PALALY on 24 August 95 and the Div HQ was relocated at VARANI after the reversals experienced in year 2000. On 08 January 2014, the Div HQ was shifted to the present location, MIRISUVIL. The Div comprises of three Bdes. 521 Bde at VALLEI, 522 Bde at VIDATHTHALPALEI and 523 Bde at ALLARAI.


Maj Gen PA Karunathilake RWP 25.08.1995 18.06.1996
Brig LRC Goonawardena RSP USP IG 18.06.1996 15.01.1997
Maj Gen AMGWB Senevirathne USP psc 15.01.1997 08.10.1998
Maj Gen N Mallawarachchi RWP USP ndc psc 08.10.1998 28.11.1999
Maj Gen PSB Kulathunga RSP USP 28.11.1999 20.01.2001
Maj Gen DVSY Kulathunga RSP USP psc 20.01.2001 25.05.2002
Brig N Wijesinghe USP IG 25.05.2002 12.09.2002
Brig TW Jayawardena RWP RSP psc 12.09.2002 07.11.2002
Brig GA Chandrasiri RWP USP psc 07.11.2002 28.05.2004
Brig TW Jayawardena RWP RSP psc 28.05.2004 24.08.2004
Brig NA Jayasuriya RWP RSP psc 25.08.2004 04.04.2005
Maj Gen NA Jayasuriya RWP RSP psc 05.04.2005 25.05.2005
Brig SG Karunarathne RWP RSP psc 26.05.2005 23.08.2005
Brig J Jayasooriya USP psc 24.08.2005 04.06.2006
Maj Gen J Jayasooriya USP psc 05.06.2006 19.08.2006
Brig AM Perera RWP RSP psc 20.08.2006 31.12.2008
Brig MK Jayawardena RSP 01.01.2009 20.01.2009
Maj Gen MK Jayawardena RSP 21.01.2009 08.06.2009
Brig SDT Liyanage RWP RSP psc 09.06.2009 03.12.2009
Maj Gen NUMMW Senanayake RWP RSP psc 03.12.2009 09.02.2010
Brig SAAL Perera RWP RSP USP IG 10.02.2010 21.07.2010
Brig WAVA Sudasinghe IG 06.08.2010 09.01.2014
Brig PWB Jayasundara USP psc IG 09.01.2014 03.03.2014
Maj Gen PWB Jayasundara USP psc IG 04.03.2014 14.09.2016
Brig WA Wanniarachchi RWP RSP USP ndc psc 14.09.2016 19.10.2016
Maj Gen WA Wanniarachchi WWV RWP RSP USP ndu psc 20.10.2016 13.02.2018
Maj Gen GJL Waduge RWP RSP USP ndu 14.02.2018 09.04.2019
Maj Gen SS Waduge RWP RSP USP ndu psc 07.05.2019 29.08.2020
Maj Gen K Liyanage RWP RSP ndu 03.09.2020 13.03.2021
Maj Gen WHKS Peiris RWP RSP USP ndu 26.03.2021 31.08.2021
Maj Gen MGWWWMCB Wickramasinghe RWP RSP ndu psc 03.09.2021 27.10.2021
Maj Gen GGAS Wickramasena RWP RSP USP psc Hdmc 27.10.2021 11.03.2022
Brig HMU Herath RWP RSP USP psc Hdmc 11.03.2022 17.05.2022
Maj Gen HMU Herath RWP RSP USP psc Hdmc 18.05.2022 19.06.2022
Maj Gen KPSA Fernado RWP RSP ndu 20.06.2022 07.06.2023
Maj Gen YABM Yahampath RWP RSP ndu psc 08.06.2023 Up to Date

Major General Y A B M Yahampath RWP RSP ndu psc
General Officer Commanding
52 Infantry Division