Ranaviru Apparel :: Tenders




You have to follow the instructions given below when forwarding quotations of your institutions

  • You should put the VAT number in quotations. If you are not paying VAT, you have to produce a copy of the letter certifying it issued by the Inland Revenue Department for the relevant financial year.
  • You should produce a Bank Guarantee (Bid Bond) valid for the stipulated period, obtained from a recognized Bank/ Insurance Company registered in Sri Lanka Insurance Board. Cheques are not accepted as a Bank Guarantee.
  • You have to certify that you are agreed to the terms and conditions of the tender by putting official stamp and signing on the tender forms.
  • When you are forwarding quotations on the attached schedule of price/ items or your own letter heads with all the details mentioned therein, you should put the details in the relevant space given in the attached schedule of price/ items.
  • The details that should come in attached schedule of price/items should not be put in Tender Notice/General Conditions of Tender or in any other document. (Ex. Prices, Discounts, Delivery Period, Guarantee Period etc.)
  • You should properly fill all the specification forms produced with quotations, by putting the official stamps at signing on it.


  • When asked to provide samples in quotations, they should be provided to the Tender Opening Committee before the Bid Opening.
  • Every sample should carry the name of Supplier/ Institution, Tender number and offer number, if there is more than one offer.
  • Notes on the sample should be clearly visible, not erasable or removed.
  • When informed to provide a Bid Bond and receipt for payment of Testing Charges with the quotation it is essential to provide them.

Quotations produced neglecting the above instructions will be rejected.

The Commandant of the Ranaviru Apparel will receive sealed Quotations/ Tenders for the supply of following items.