With the availability of funds, the implementation and setting up of RVAPL was divided into stages and the factory at Yakkala commenced its operations in 1997. From then onwards to date, through stringent fund management of its earnings, RVAPL beyond meeting its running expenses and combating inflation, is also meeting all its capital expenses relating to its infra - structure development, provision of welfare facilities, modernizations, expansions etc.

In 2009, Army wanted RVAPL to double its production capacity to produce more of dress no 07/08 requirement by taking in more no of disabled soldiers from RFT battalions. Initially RVAPL made arrangements to expand the Yakkala factory since overall administration under one roof would be easy and economical but in deference to the views it was decided to locate another factory where more no of disabled soldiers live. The RVAPL - Yakkala financed the purchase of Boyagane Apparel which was a closed down factory at Alawwa, at a cost of Rs.55.5 mn.

By utilizing the savings of Alawwa which is also funded by RVAPL Yakkala, it is still expanding itself in stages to convert into a fully pledged camp.

In 2013, based on the decision made by AHQ, RVAPL was tasked to produce 100% of the army’s annual uniform requirement including other products. Thereby RVAPL made its plan to further expand in order to undertake the total requirement of dress no 07 & 08. To achieve this objective, the machines worth of Rs.32.18 million were purchased. To enhance the production capacity, the factory at Alawwa was expanded with the addition of two new lines and few machines were installed at the Yakkala factory as well.




With the recent expansion and installation of new machinery and the employment of newly enlisted tradesmen with increased efficiency, it is now capable of meeting 100% of dress no 07 & 08 and other allied products given by the Army.

To date RVAPL is an on - going concern and the total assets of approx. Rs. 700.00 mn as at 31st Dec 2015, includes investments and cash of Rs 448.0mn. for its continuance.