Brig EMG WickramanayakeBrig EMG Wickramanayake

From 08.01.2010 to 30.04.2015

Col L WijesundaraCol L Wijesundara

From 30.04.2015 to 02.08.2016

Brig SA De C Dasanayaka USPBrig SA De C Dasanayaka USP

From 02.08.2016 to 18.01.2019

Maj Gen WHM ManatungaMaj Gen WHM Manatunga

From 18.01.2019 to 17.04.2020

Maj Gen WS Rajakaruna USPMaj Gen WS Rajakaruna USP

From 17.04.2020 to 26.10.2020

Brig M A Izadeen RSPBrig M A Izadeen RSP

From 26.10.2020 to 05.12.2022

Brig M G A N B Mahathuwakkara RWP RSP ndcBrig M G A N B Mahathuwakkara RWP RSP ndc

From 05.12.2022 to Up to now