Troops of mechanical Section and Senior Production Manger serving at the Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL) - Yakkala were appreciated for their new improvement and re-installation of a Sealer Machine which used to produce newly introduced disposable microfiber suit with shoe cover. Similarly newly improved machine is equipped with 64 inch sealer bars.

With the outbreak of the Covid 19 in country, the factory stepped out to produce disposable microfiber suits with shoe covers which can be used for medical teams while treating/ quarantining inflected corona patients.

Those Suits are producing in low cost using micron 137 (polythene) by sealer machines under a new technology. The Darley and company sponsored sealer machines to the factory. This project is continuing under the instructions and direction of the Commander of the Army and the supervision of the commandant of the Ranaviru Apparel.

Last Monday (23), morning the first lot of production was officially handed over to Dr Anil Jasingha, the Director-General of Health Services, and the Chief Technical Officer of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine by the Commandant of Ranaviru Apparel.

However, RVAPL under takes different types of uniforms and other products used by Sri Lanka Army for various task and occasions including no 4,6,7and 8 Uniforms ,Physical Training Short, Physical Training T shirts, Mosquito Nets, Sleeping Mattresses Recruit Tracksuits and T Shirts as regular products.

Further, Tracksuits of Regiments and Army Sports Board, Overalls, Uniforms of o Further, Tracksuits of Regiments and Army Sports Board, Overalls, Uniforms of other services, government institutions and Uniforms of Foreign Missions undertake on requests.

Sealer Machines have been acquired few days ago to produce disposable micron 137 (polythene) Suits. The new project to improve 30 inch size sealer machine to 64 inch size was launched with the blessing of Commandant under the guidance Deputy Commandant and Factory Manger supervised by Senior Production manager.

Meanwhile, dedicated contribution made by mechanical team together with Officers of RVAPL for improvement of Sealer machines while saving money and time, was commended by Major General Manjula Manathunga, Commandant, RVAPL during Commandant’s visit to the production floor on Wednesday (24 Mar 2020) In addition, on the instructions of the Commandant, Mechanical Team assured to be available and provide their skills and knowledge for different requirements related to the any type of machine repairs.

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