On the direction & guidance of Brigadier M G A N B Mahathuwakkara RWP RSP ndc, the Commandant of Ranaviru Apparel (RVAPL), the Human Resource Department organized a programme to motivate troops on last Wednesday (21), February 2024 at Ranaviru Apparel camp premises in Yakkala.

Afterwards, a brief profile introduction on visiting senior Lecturer and Lady counselor made by the commandant of RVAPL, the day’s programme was began.

In the meantime, the speech intended to inspire RVAPL troops to make a change in their military and civil lives was conducted by Air Vice Marshal Thushara Fernando MBA, MDS, B.A. Hons, ndc, psc, PG Dip in Mgt, Sworn Translator, Justice of Peace (All Island), successfully completed under the applause of audience.

During the lecture, Air Vice Marshal Thushara Fernando focused key factors of employee motivation such as ‘Employee Engagement, ‘Employee Commitment’ and ‘Employee Contribution’ to the organization to inspire RVAPL Staff with the view of changing their present State to another level.

Simultaneously, Counselor Miss Rochelle Clements involved in a counseling session with some selected soldiers to help and find solutions for their emotional issues.

However, the programme was came to an end after awarding souvenirs by the commandant of RVAPL to visiting Lecturer and Counselor Miss Rochelle Clements as a symbol of appreciation.

450 troops including Deputy Commandant and several senior officers participated for the lecture.

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