Providing a remarkable technical support to all army establishments within the Security Forces (Wanni) Area of Responsibility in the aspects like corrective and preventive maintenance of vehicles, equipment and weapons and technical advices on maintainability and reliability of equipment.

Sri Lanka was under colonial period in 1815 and gained independence on 4 February 1948. Sri Lanka Army was established soon after independent on 10 October 1949. According that the Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police established with an officer and 09 other rankers on 30 October 1949 which was called the No 01 Provost Company commanded by the Officer Commanding Major EPR De Silva stationed in Echelon Square Colombo. In order to cater the rapid growing of the Army, the Military Police too also was gradually increased up to 7 Units, specialized unit for the Special investigation and MP Training School.




The Role of SLCMP is to Police the Army both in Peace and War. This role is summarized as follows:

  • Tactical police support to the Army in all phases of operations.
  • Law enforcement and crime prevention within the army in Peace and War.
  • The provision of garrison Police duties.

The Principal tasks through which the role is full filed are;

Traffic Control

1. Supervising all Military troops and routes by providing

  • Points men
  • Patrols
  • Traffic and information posts
  • Signing of routes and major installations
  • Escort to important, dangerous and awkward loads
  • Control of critical points
  • Control of vehicle parking

2. The maintenance of road safety.

  • Speed check
  • Courtesy patrols and road safety instruction.
  • Investigation of traffic accident.

Information and assistance

1.Static police posts at Military garrisons

2.Maintenance of Information posts/Charge rooms which assist in the provision of the follows.

  • Routes
  • Formation HQs and other installations
  • Road condition reports.
  • Lost and found properties
  • Assistance in the search for missing person.

Prevention of crime

1.Permanent manning of charge room and duty room.

2.Regular patrolling of all military locations and towns /places where frequent out of soldiers bound areas

Detection and apprehension of offenders

  1. Investigation and reporting on all notified offences.
  2. Sealing, collecting and preparing evidence of offences.
  3. Arresting of offences when necessary.
  4. Documenting and training servicemen absent without leave.
  5. Maintenance of all criminal records.
  6. Maintenance specialist teams (Investigation)

Control of access to places and events

Advice of the custody of PW and their movements.

Refuges control

Ceremonials duties

Liaison with civil police

Official Contact Details

Col Commandant - 0112 514276
Cen Commandant - 0112 514274
Tel - 0112514278
Fax - 0112514278
Email address - rhqslcmp@army.lk AND rhqslcmp@gmail.com