Forward Maintenance Area (North Central)

Brief History

FMA (NC) was raised in year 1997 by ARO 31/94 - G/SD/51 and Col WB Peiris USP was the first Commander of FMA (NC). Founding staff of the headquarter consisted of 03 Officers and 35 Other Ranks.

On 01 January 1997, the Headquarter was established where „General Holiday Bungalow‟ presently located at ANP. The headquarter was moved to No. 37/600, Ranasewapura, ANURADHAPURA, place acquired on rental basis. Then the FMA (NC) was re-located in a new building at 21 Division camp premises in RANASEWAPURA.

On 10 January 2017, the HQ once again shifted to “Sasiri Garment” building in WAHAMALGOLLEWA where the land was acquired by the Army. Thereafter, FMA (NC) moved to SUNAHATHA camp premises with the guidance of the Comd of the Army following the disbandment of Transit Camp (ANP) on 15 June 2018.


To be the pioneer in providing comprehensive logistics and administrative support for the troops deploy within the SF HQ (W) AOR.


To ensure efficient and effective logistics and administrative support for the troops through proper coordination of u/c log units in order to maintain the operational readiness of all Army estbs within the SF HQ (W) AOR.


FMA (NC) covers the largest operation area extended over 11,903 Sqkm out of the seven operation Security Force Headquarters, in the Sri Lanka Army.

It covers the area from MANNAR on the Western Coast, to PULMODAI on the Eastern Coast. From North SF HQ (MLT) and SF HQ (KLN).From South SF HQ (West), SF HQ (Central) and SF HQ (East).

At present FMA (NC) is responsible for all logistics services and functioning for approximately 24,000 number of troops belongs to five InfDivs and other military institutions deployed within the SF HQ (W) AOR.

Present FMA Comd’s Photo

Brig A K Rajapaksa RSP

Official Contact Details of HQ FMA (NC)

  • Mail address

Headquarters Forward Maintenance Area (North Central) Sunahatha ANURADHAPURA

  • Telephone numbers

025 2121079 (Exchange)
53726 (Army Extn)

  • E-mail address

fmaanp@army.lk fmaanp@gmail.com