The headquarters support group was established in the year 1968 at the Panagoda Army Camp in order to implant the systematic administrative and logistics affairs of the Ceylon Army, which has a proud history and started on October 10, 1949. Ceylon Army Service Corps, Ceylon Army Ordnance Corps, Ceylon Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Ceylon Army General Service Corps were commanded under that support Group Headquarters.

The first commanding appointment of this support group was held by Colonel AER McHasher, who served in the Ceylon Artillery Regiment. This support group command by

  • Colonel K Rajayogam–Sri Lanka Engineers
  • Colonel MLDA Perera–Sri Lanka Army Service Corps
  • Colonel FBES Sri Ananda-Gemunu Watch
  • Col. AADB Perera - Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps
  • Colonel GR Jayasinghe -Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps
  • Colonel PKB Pereira-Sri Lanka Army Service Corps respectively.

Being established in Panagoda Army Camp, the roles of the Support Group Commanders were:

  • The Coordination of the defence of the support group area.
  • Maintenance of the Kendalanda officers Married Quarters area and of the cantonment other Ranks Married Quarters area.
  • Engineering Maintenance of the Panaluwa Firing range.

In early 1980, as situational changes and due to occurrence of various situations in the country and with the expansion of the Army requirement the logistics also increased. Then support group were redesigned as a logistics command.

First Commander Logistics Command was Col EG Thevanayagam and since then there after 28 Senior Officers were commanded the Logistics Command. The all past commander’s contribution and dedication was resulted to shape up the perfect and efficient Logistics Command at present. Present Commander Logistics Command is Maj Gen SPAIMB Samarakoon Hdmc Lsc.


Ensure the operational readiness of logistics units of the Army


  • Empower FMA (s) to provide efficient and effective operational logistics support to the Army.
  • Empower service regiments and their under command units to sustain their administrative matters as per the orders stipulated by the Army.

In the year 1997, the Headquarters Logistic Command, which was deployed in the Panagoda Army Cantonment, warere-located in the three storied building where Salawa Timber Corporation's main office were located. In the year 2006, the Headquarters of Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force was also shifted to this three-storied building, providing facilities for the construction of the current Army Headquarters at Battaramulla - Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte.

Subsequently, The Headquarters Logistics Command was also re located in Salawa camp itself, in the building that used by the commanding officer of 7 Volunteer Corps of Engineer Service Regiment and where the building did not have enough space for the other officers and staff of the Logistics Command, the Sections and offices were established in temporarily constructed buildings and old store buildings.

On June 05, 2016, the ammunition dump that had been established in the Salawa camp suddenly exploded and destroyed three-story building where the Headquarters Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force was located. Subsequently, the Headquarters Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force was located in the two-storied building towards the west side of the camp.

The Headquarters Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, which was located in the same camp with the Headquarters Logistic Command, took over a part of the "Salawa Rubber Estate" land adjacent to the camp and constructed new office buildings and opened it on July 23, 2022. For this camp, Service Center of Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Army Service Corps Supply Section and Engineer Service Squadron also located in the service area which located behind the Headquarter Logistic Command and the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps -Medical Center also will be established in near future.

For a very long period of time, the headquarters Logistic Command, which was located in temporary and poorly equipped buildings under minimum facilities that are not suitable for a higher headquarter of the Army. It was an urgent requirement of a suitable new office building equipped with necessary facilities to function its offices for the performance of its Role and Task. The construction of this modern office complex, which was initiated according to a concept of the present Logistic Commander and started on January 05, 2022, on the guidance of the Commander of the Army and with the support of the Army Headquarters Branches and Directorates. The construction started under the initiative of the troops of Corps of Engineering Service Regiment and the labor of all the Service Regiment. Even though Sri Lanka was in an economic crisis, due to the right guidance, commitment and enormous courage of the Logistic Commander, materials and resources needed for construction were procured locally.

On the right leadership of the Logistics Commander, this building was opened on 7 October 2022 with the participation of Commander of the Army and all the Senior Officers from volunteer force and Army Headquarters. This building was constructed and completed in a very short period in beautiful and proud lyre main facing the main road of Ratnapura, Colombo.

At present, The Salawa Camp Complex consists with Headquarters Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force, Headquarters Army Logistics Command, Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Workshop 401, Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Factory 501.

Accomplishment of infrastructure facilities in logistic Command it has re designated the command control and the carrier progressed according to the way for ward strategy 2020-2025. Logistics Command always looking forward to facilitate the entire Army with effective and efficient logistics to Sri Lanka Army.


Col AER Mechesher
From 1968.04.04 To 1968.09.30

Col K Rajayogam
From 1968.10.01 To 1970.01.17

Col MLDA Perera
From 1970.01.15 To 1971.12.13

Col FBDES Shriyananda
From 1972.01.01 To 1973.02.01

Col AADB Perera
From 1973.08.01 To 1974.08.31

Col G R Jayasinghe
From 1974.09.01 To 1976.09.15

Col P K B Paraira
From 1976.09.15 To 1980.01.01


Col EG Thewanayagam
From 01.01.1980 To 01.09.1982

Col MH Dharmasiri
From 02.09.1982 To 19.09.1983

Lt Col WAD Fernando
From 20.09.1983 To 31.10.1984

Col JI De S Jayarathne
From 01.11.1984 To 12.03.1985

Col DL Kathriarachchi VSV USP
From 13.03.1985 To 31.07.1986

Col WAD Fernando
From 01.08.1986 To 31.08.1986

Brig DL Kathriarachchi VSV USP
From 01.09.1986 To 10.11.1989

Brig WMP Bandara
From 11.11.1989 To 20.01.1991

Brig B Munasinghe
From 21.01.1991 To 01.10.1992

Brig T Shiwashanmugam USP
From 02.10.1992 To 30.06.1994

Brig KAMG Kularathna
From 01.07.1994 To 31.08.1995

Brig K Piyasoma USP
From 01.09.1995 To 04.06.1998

Brig AK Suriyabandara USP
From 05.06.1998 To 04.12.1998

Maj Gen MG Muthalib USP
From 26.12.1998 To 15.02.2002

Brig HMN Krishnarathna RSP USP
From 16.02.2002 To 30.06.2002

Maj Gen LLA Fernando USP
From 01.07.2002 To 10.01.2005

Maj Gen HMN Krishnarathne RSP USP
From 11.01.2005 To 09.12.2005

Maj Gen ST Abeyrathne USP
From 10.12.2005 To 03.05.2006

Maj Gen SR Balasuriya USP psc IG
From 04.05.2006 To 11.07.2006

Maj Gen LB Aluwihare USP psc AATO
From 12.07.2006 To 22.04.2007

Maj Gen WR Wasantha Kumara USP
From 23.04.2007 To 16.01.2009

Maj Gen LB Aluwihare USP psc AATO
From 17.01.2009 To 20.11.2009

Maj Gen RMJA Rathnayake RSP USP Ldmc
From 21.11.2009 To 14.09.2015

Maj Gen KW Edema USP
From 15.09.2015 To 29.07.2016

Maj Gen MHP Mihindukulasuriya USP psc Lsc
From 29.07.2016 To 22.12.2016

Maj Gen DCS Wanniarachchi Lsc
From 22.12.2016 To 27.03.2017

Maj Gen WR Palihakkara USP
From 30.03.2017 To 24.08.2017

Maj Gen ASD Liyanage psc Lsc
From 08.09.2017 To 26.02.2018

Maj Gen KADSL Perera Lsc
From 26.02.2018 To 23.10.2018

Maj Gen CS Atipola USP Lsc
From 23.10.2018 To 10.04.2019

Maj Gen DKGD Sirisena USP
From 10.04.2019 To 30.01.2020

Maj Gen IOW Madola
From 31.01.2020 To 11.01.2021

Maj Gen LPR Premalal USP
From 20.01.2021 To 31.07.2021

Maj Gen SPAIMB Samarakoon Hdmc Lsc
From 21.01.2021 To 14.12.2023