Security Force Headquarters


In order to uplift the healthiness of people in KILINOCHCHI area. KILINOCHCHI troops carry out medical support with the aid of private and public sectors. Activities which are done by troops listed as link in below in detail.


1. The estimated year end Population of KILINOCHCHI district was 1,42,834 persons in 2017. One District General Hospital and ten Health institutions are functioning in KILINOCHCHI District. General Hospital is the main health and medical institution for the people of KILINOCHCHI.

2. All curative institutions come under the administration of Regional Director of Health Services, KILINOCHCHI. These institutions are coming network in two levels such as 05 Divisional Hospitals, and 03 in primary medical Care Unit. In the Preventive sector under the each Medical Officer of Health (MOH) there are clinic centers which provide mainly Material and Child Health Care services.

3. Regional Director of Health Services is in Charge of all promoters, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health activities in the district. Under him Head institutions namely Medical Superintend, District Medical Officers, Medical Officers incharge and Medical officer of the Health are functioning.


4. To improve healthy knowledge of students, people in KILINOCHCHI area.

5. Increase many medical sessions to minimize dieses in KILINOCHCHI area.


Name of Institition OPD Attendance Average Daily Attendance Total Admission (Indoor Patients) Clinics Attendance Surgical Investigation No.of Surgeries Major/Minor
DGH, Kilinochchi 242,104 663 42,999 107,454 8343
DH, Mulankavil 49,956 137 3,272 11,337  
DH, Poonakary 27,472 75 2,015 4,632 -
DH, Pallai 37,520 103 2,048 7,784 390
DH, Akkarayankulam 28,758 79 4,170 10,433 -
DH, Tharmapuram 55,541 152 5,012 15,305 -
DH, Vaddakachchi 18,282 50 - 6,798 -
DH, Veravil 17,578 48 914 2,224 -
DH, Uruthirapuram 35,723 98 277 4,098 -
PMCU, Vannerikulam 2,003 5 - 884 -
PMCU, Kandawalai 2,910 8 - 1,097 -
PMCU, Leyapuram 5,016 14 - 11,012 -

Source: District Statistic Handbook- Kilinochchi ( 2018)


6. The community needs to bring together to achieve main laid down objectives. In order to achieve the objectives Security Forces Headquarters - KILINOCHCHI were positively activate necessary action to improve healthiness of people in KILINOCHCI by conducting medical programms for people in the KILINOCHCHI area.