VISION :: ::

To groom members of the Armed Forces for effective employment in Peace Support Operations in any part of the world and also to become goodwill ambassadors of Sri Lanka.

  MISSION :: ::

To develop professional knowledge on mechanism of Peace Support Operations in selected battalions and selected members of the Armed Forces in order to carryout relevant duties.

The Objectives of the Institute of Peace Support Operations Training Sri Lanka are as follows:
To train Officers and Other Ranks to serve as Section/ Platoon/Company Commanders in Peace Support Operations.
To train the Officers and Other Ranks on situational training and other Peace Support Operations techniques as per the United Nations context.
To train Officers as Military Observers in order to prepare them for deployments in the United Nations missions throughout the world.
To orientate Officers and Other Ranks on UN Core Pre Deployment Training Materials (CPTM), UN Structure, Rules and Regulations and issues related to United Nations, Sister Organizations and Non Governmental Organizations.
To train personnel and Battalions to maintain discipline, impartiality and professional performance in order to achieve respect of the conflicting parties.
To train United Nations logistic system in order to organize administration and logistic requirements of their contingents.
To train peacekeepers on protection of civilians and unprotected people in the mission area.

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