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  Bn/ Coy Pre Dep Course will be conducted by IPSOTSL as per the instruction given by Dte of Trg. Appreciating the new Demands of Peace Keeping the Institute of Peace Support Operations Training Sri Lanka was established on 12 June 2004 with the view of training the Officers and troops as individuals and teams to take over UN assign responsibilities. The Duration of the curse is 22 working days.
  To develop professional knowledge of the mechanisms of Peace Support Operations in selected contingent battalion and selected members of the Armed Forces in order to carryout relevant duties.
a        To train officers and Soldiers to save as Section/ Platoon/ Company Commanders in Peace Keeping Operations.
b:        To train the officers and Soldiers to conduct check point, patrolling, secure a distribution site, convoy operation, DDR/ cordon and search operation, guarding a fixed site and other peace keeping techniques in the United Nations context.
   IPSOTSL Routine.
  Working days in the IPSOTSL are form Monday to Saturday. Sunday & Poya Day are generally considered as holidays. Training period starts at 0545 hrs and terminates at 1630 hrs. All students must be punctual for lectures/ Demo as per the training programme. Timing will be mentioned in the training programme.
   PT and recreations.
  All student officers/ soldiers will have to attend for the morning PT and evening recreations.
  Troops are to bring their all stationary. Certain stationary items are valuable in the canteen.
   PT and recreations.
  All student officers/ soldiers will have to attend for the morning PT and evening recreations.
  Troops are required to bring following dresses.
a:      For opening/ closing ceremony – Combat with beret.
b:      Working dress Combat / 7 Alpha.
c:      PT Kit and Necessary civil cloths.
  400 training troops will be accommodated at IPSOTSL. No accommodations for Student Families will be provided by the Institute.
  Meals will be provided by IPSOTSL. Officers must be settled the mess bill in cash.
  Leave will not be granted during the training period.
  All student officers/ soldiers will have to attend for the morning PT and evening recreations.
   Telephone facility.
            Telephone and fax facilities are available on payment basis. Nevertheless Dialog GSM is fully covered in the area. Mobitel coverage is not available. Some of the important telephone numbers in the IPSOTSL are:
a:  Comdt 034-3342706   
b:  CI 034-3342700   
c:  SO II/ SO III 034-3342707
d:  Fax 034-2236542   
e:  Exchange 034-2236532
   Internet facility.
  Internet Facility is available. The E- mail address is ipsotslkkg@yahoo.com
   Location and Postal address.
  IPSOTSL is situated at Kukuleganga appox 110 km from Colombo, adjacent to the Hydro power station with a beautiful panoramic range of mountains covered with natural forest and a water fall. Postal address is as fol:
               Institution of Peace Support Training Sri Lanka
             Army Camp
  IPSOTSL MI room remains open 24 hrs daily with a medical orderly / male nurse on duty. Any serious patient will be sent to the Government Hospital Baduraliya.
   Barber/ Laundry.
  Laundry facility and Barber facility are available on payment basis.
  For any:  
    SO II/ SO III may be contacted
 Chief Instructor -IPSOTSL
   Lt Col WAJ Hemachandra RSP psc GR

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