The course will be held at IPSOTSL - KKG jointly with the Dte of Trg, Dte of IHL & HR and Institute of Human Rights.
  Aim of this course is to produce the team of Instructors in order to carryout the post – training dissemination in the areas that they are posted.
             14 Working Days All Officers are required to report to the IPSOTSL 02 days prior to the course.
             Course Curriculum:
  The course curriculum is designed to provide the foundation of IHL & HR knowledge which will need for the post training dissemination by the officers who attend for the instructor course. Case studies, method of instructions and individual and group assignments also incorporated to the course curriculum. At the end of the course participants will be able to apply the knowledge into the post training dissemination. The course curriculum is divided into two progressive components as fol:
a:    Human Rights.
    This will be conducted by the qualified instructors who had experience in observer missions. A presentation will be conducted initially and then followed by the classroom discussions. Outdoor exercise will be conducted to create the actual scenario.
b:    International Humanitarian Law.  
    Students will be educated on the staff work as per the UN system. They also take part in individual assignment and group assignments. Further group presentation will be held in order to make them aware about various missions in many region of the world.
   IPSOTSL Routine.
  Working days in the IPSOTSL are form Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are generally considered as holidays. Training period starts at 0830 hrs and terminates at 1630 hrs. All students must be punctual for lectures/ classes as per the training programme. Detail time table for the entire course will be given afterwards.
   Training materials.
  Relevant training materials will be given after the selections. Participant should be collected training materials form the entrance of the AHQ. (A rep from Dte of IHL & HR will be positioned at the entrance). Participants may collect them either by themselves or through reps.
   Assessment and exams.
  Pre assignments will be given prior to the course along with the relevant publications. Participants are required to submit them to the SO II - IHL & HR at IPSOTSL. These marks will be calculated for the final assessments. Individual presentation / Teaching practice and exams for the IHL & HR will be held separately. All officers are required to participate actively during class room discussions. They are continuously evaluated by a panel of judges.
   PT and recreations.
  All student officers will have to attend for the morning PT and evening recreations.

Students are required to bring their own stationeries such as floppy disks, Marker pens, View foils, and other necessary stationery requirements.

   Computer facilities.
  Student officers are permitted to utilize the computer lab. However due to limited resources time allocation will be given for the student officers. Thus students are allowed to use their own computers and laptops.
   Library facilities.
  Relevant reference materials are available in the library. Student officers can obtain reference materials on lending basis.
            Dress No 6 and No 6A will be worn for class room work (Mondays and Tuesdays - No 6A, Wednesday to Saturday – No 6). After working hrs civil cloths may be worn. However students are required to bring following dresses:
a:       a.Dress No 5 for opening and closing ceremony.
b:       Dress No 6 and 6A.
c:       White PT kits / Sport kits.
d:       Necessary civil cloths.
  Since this is a residential course it is essential that all student officers live in throughout the course. Single accommodation will be provided along with beddings and required furniture. IPSOTSL is not in a position to provide married accommodation.
   Officers’ Mess.
  General briefing will be given by the Mess Sec on the arrival of student officers. Officers are required to settle the mess bills by cash. No cheques will be accepted. Institute is also unable to provide batman facilities.
  Leave will not be granted during the course except on extreme compassionate ground. However students may enjoy weekends with the approval of IPSOTSL authorities.
  Transport will be available at Mathugama (In front of fuel station near the Colombo bus stand) at 1800 hrs 02 days prior to the course. Request for personal transport is discouraged. However request for group administration reqmts may be considered depending on the availability of tpt.
   Telephone facility.
  Telephone and fax facilities are available on payment basis. Nevertheless Dialog GSM is fully covered in the area. Mobitel coverage is not available. Some of the important telephone numbers in the IPSOTSL are:
a:  Comdt 034-3342706
b: CI 034-3342700
c:  GSO II 034-3342707
d:  Fax 034-2236542
e:  Exchange 034-2236532
   Internet facility.
  IPSOTSL is not in a position to provide internet facility for the student offrs. The E- mail address is ipsotslkkg@yahoo.com
   Location and Postal address.
  IPSOTSL is situated at Kukuleganga appox 110 km from Colombo, adjacent to the Hydro power station with a beautiful panoramic range of mountains covered with natural forest and a water fall. Postal address is as fol:
          Institution of Peace Support Training Sri Lanka
        Army Camp
  IPSOTSL MI room remains open 24 hrs daily with a medical orderly / male nurse on duty. Any serious patient will be sent to the Government Hospital Baduraliya.
   Barber/ Laundry.
  Laundry facility is available on payment basis. Barber facility is not available. However Barber facility could be arranged on request.
  Officers may entertain their guest in the officers’ mess with the prior permission of the PMC. No guest will be allowed in single accommodation areas.
   Course Photograph.
  The group photograph will be taken on 08 Jan 2006 after the inaugural ceremony.
  For any query SO II / SOIII may be contacted.

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