Nothing Impossible



The need for a special army unit to combat terrorism was first felt in 1977. The Army was assigned with the responsibility of setting up of a body to face these increasing threats. The solution offered was to raise a group of Commandos, trained and equipped to meet this contingency, which subsequently paved way for the raising of the Commando Regiment in the Army.

The initial commando training courses were held at Diyatalawa Ella Army Camp and Army Training School at Ampara, under a team of Special Air Service (SAS) instructors from Britain in 1978.

Commando Training School was established on 15 March 1988 at the premises of the Commando Nest, Ganemulla. As a result of the expansion of the Commando Regiment the Training School was shifted on 11 May 1993 to its present location at Uva Kudaoya where natural rough terrain for Commando Training is available.

Bounded by its primary role of producing, grooming and developing the skills of Commando Officers and soldiers, Commando Regiment Training School has extended unparallel service not only restricting itself to the regiment by conducting the basic and specialized training for Commandos, but by conducting special courses to train instructors, Small Group Operation Teams of other battalions of the Army, and Navy Special Boat Squadron and Patrolmen, and Air Force personnel as well. It's Parachute Wing, as of Army's only such training facility has produced majority of the paratroopers inclusive of other services and bears standards and credentials of participating in World Military Games in skydiving events. Being selected to train the first batch of Special Force of the Republic of Maldives, amply displays the heights it achieved, the quality and standard of training and the reputation acclaimed in par with regional elite training establishments.


Continue to be the premier specialized training institution of the Sri Lanka Army through further development in order to produce highly skilled, professional commandos to uphold the motto, prestige, honour and high spirit de corps of the elite Commando Regiment.


To produce mentally alert, physically strong and morally forthright Commandos of the highest caliber, to be employed in specialized tasks, in order to uphold the vision of the Commando Regimental Training school.


  • To train and provide outstanding skilled Officers and soldiers for the Commando Regiment.
  • To upgrade mental and physical endurance of each trainee.
  • To promote individual skills and collective drills to perform commando classic duties.
  • To develop the efficiency, effectiveness and capabilities to undertake and perform special tasks in any given situation.
  • To develop the ability and the sustainability under rigorous mental and physical conditions.
  • To render specialized training assistance to other arms and services in the Army and to other forces including para-military forces.

Past Commanding Officers of Commando Regiment Training School



Maj SAR Wijepala RSP 15.10.2001 06.03.2004
Maj HHASPK Senaratne RSP psc 06.03.2004 08.08.2005
Maj JI Witharana RSP psc 19.10.2005 17.10.2006
Maj RPDU RAjapaksha RWP RSP 19.10.2006 02.03.2007
Maj HPR Hadunpathirana RSP psc 28.03.2007 13.06.2007
Maj JI Witharana RSP psc 13.06.2007 12.01.2008

Past Commandants of Commando Regiment Training School



Lt Col HPR Hadunpathirana RSP psc 12.01.2008 16.04.2008
Lt Col LWH Gamage RSP 16.04.2008 10.04.2009
Lt Col BMJ Balasooriya RWP RSP psc 10.04.2009 21.03.2010
Col DMUG Bandara RSP USP 21.03.2010 09.08.2012
Col KA Samarasiri RSP psc 09.08.2012 18.01.2016
Col DNJ Fernando RSP USP 18.01.2016 17.02.2018
Col KHMS Wickramarathne RSP 17.02.2018 26.04.2019
Col JMSGB Jayamaha RWP RSP USP 26.04.2019 31.08.2020
Brig UAAP Ubesiriwardana RSP USP 03.09.2020 07.05.2021
Col SP Wickramasekera RWP RSP USP psc 07.05.2021 17.12.2021
Col PSJD Samarasekara RSP USP psc 22.12.2021 To Date


  • Commando Selection Course
  • Commando Course
  • Basic Parachute Course
  • Rigger Course
  • Free Fall Course
  • Air Borne OPS & Jump Master Course
  • Free Fall/Statics Refresher Jump Course
  • Group Commander Course
  • Young Officer Course
  • Combat Tracker Course
  • 8 Man Commander Course
  • Team Sgt Course
  • Instructors Training Course
  • Jungle Warfare Course
  • HR & CT Induction Course
  • HR & CT Refresher Course
  • VIP Induction Course
  • VIP Refresher Course
  • VIP Advance Course
  • Army Dog Obedient Course
  • Army Dog Explosive Course
  • Army Dog Tracker Course
  • Army Guard Dogs Training Course