Nothing Impossible


13th May 2024 13:25:29 Hours


The State Minister of Defence, Hon Mr Premitha Bandara Tennakoon, made an official visit to the Regimental Center Commando Regiment on 06 May 2024. At the Regimental Center Headquarters, the General Officer Commanding 53 Infantry Division and Colonel of the Regiment Commando Regiment Major General PGPS Rathnayaka RWP RSP ndc welcomed the State Minister of Defence and observed the presentation on the Commando Regiment that took place in the conference hall with all senior officers. Following that, the Hon Minister joined the group photograph with the all Commandos that was placed in front of the Regimental headquarters. The hon. minister next attended the opening ceremony of the temple inside the Commando Regimental Center to open the newly constructed Walakulu wall, Bodhi Prakaraya, Dharama Mandapaya by Commando Direct enlisted batch Number 22 same time minister unveiled the opening plaque.

To address the Commandos: The Honorable Minister visited the B camp premises and, in his speech to the troops, emphasized the value of the military, which can impart extensive knowledge on every aspect of life and develop individuals who are moral, courageous, and disciplined for society under the leadership that comes from their military experience. He also emphasized the importance of the government employment with the pension. In addition, he elaborated on the facilities that the government would be providing for its employees in the future.

The minister then went to the demonstration area to witness a war dog show displayed by the K9 group, as well as a rappelling and Close Quarter Battle firing demonstration regarding the hostage rescue mission conducted by the Commando Regiment's Hostage Rescue and Counter Terrorism operatives. The hon. minister subsequently went to the 100-meter range and witnessed the firing skills demonstration of Commandos.

The Hon. State Minister of Defence concluded his visit to the Commando Regiment by signing the visitors' book after lunch in the officer's mess. General Officer Commanding 53 Infantry Division and Colonel of the Regiment of Commando Regiment Major General PGPS Rathnayake RWP RSP ndc, General Officer Commanding 61 Infantry Division Major General KHMS Wickramarathna RSP, Centre Commandant Commando Regiment Brigadier BMSKK Dharmawardena RWP RSP USP, Commander Commando Brigade Brigadier KVIL Jayaweera USP, Commander 611 Infantry Brigade Brigadier HDLS Perera RSP ndc and all Council members of the Regimental Council, senior officers, officers, senior non-commission officers, and non-commission officers of the Commando Regiment attended for this occasion.