Nothing Impossible


15th January 2024 16:21:29 Hours


The Commando Regiment welcomed their novel maroon berate bearers to the Commando nest by unique ceremonial passing out parade at Commando Regiment Training School Uva Kudaoya on Saturday 13 January 2024.

With the courageous and well determined steady mindset, three officers and one hundred sixty-five other rankers belongs to Commando Courses 51 ‘E’, ‘F’ and ‘G’ were able to joined to the Commando family out of 500 volunteers. The exertion of making a complete commando filled with all necessary adversities, knowledge and stamina is the endure of the instructors of the Commando Regiment Training School (CRTS) and the completest support by all serving commandos over one and half year.

The chief invitee to the ceremony was the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage and he was welcomed by the Major General P G P S Rathnayaka RWP RSP ndc, Colonel of the Regiment of Commando Regiment, Brigadier B M S K K Dharmawardena RWP RSP USP the Centre Commandant of the Commando Regimental Centre, Brigadier K V I L Jayaweera USP the Commander Commando Brigade and Colonel R R C Karunarathne RSP the Commandant of Commando Regiment Training school to the formal Guard Turnout at the entrance to the CRTS.

Thereafter, the chief guest was invited by the parade commander to review the day’s parade and receive the salute in the magnificent passing out parade. After the parade, caring parents of graduating commandos pinned prestigious commando insignia on those brave sons and in order to prove ‘Nothing Impossible’ as Commando Motto says.

The outstanding performance trophies of the course were the awarded to individuals based on firing, physical and in overall aspects as:

Best Commando: Lieutenant S M L D karunarathna

Best physical: Private Iandhara IPMD

Best shooter: Private Lakshan RKST

Addressing the gathering the Commander of the Army congratulated and extended the best wishes to the newly-joined Commandos. During the address he emphasized the significance of the role of Commando Regiment both war and peace times. Further he mentioned about the importance of shaping personnel life with the confidence and training acquired from the commando course. Afterwards the chief guest posed to a group photograph with the pass out batch marking the end of first segment of the event.

The dazzling spectacle of the day, staged in the dropping zone of CRTS reached new heights afterwards as the stage was set for the spectators to witness the display of daring skills of those Commandos in several simulated demonstrations.

Sniper Shooters, Live firing Demonstrations by various weaponries, K9(War Dogs) handling display, Face to Face firing demonstration, VIP protection demonstration, and Free-Fall demonstration were displayed to witness the professional and unparalleled skills of the Commandos to the gathering.

Special briefing was organized to acquaint chief guest on the Commando Confident Jump Arena facility which is to be constructed and added to the CRTS training setup.

Major General S P A I M B Samarakoon Hdmc Lsc – DCOS and Col Comdt SLEME, Major General M K Jayawardena RSP VSV USP ndu - Comdt SLAVFcol Col Comdt SLE, Major general S R B Aluwihare RWP RSP ndu psc – Comd SF (Cen) and Col of the Regt VIR, Major general M G W W W M C B Wickramasingha RWP RSP ndu psc – DGGS and Col of the Regt MIR, Major General W W H R R V M N D K B Niyangoda RWP RSP VSV USP ndu psc – AG and Col Comdt SLAGSC, Major General A H L G Amarapala RWP RSP ndu psc DGFM and Col Comdt CES and Major General S A Kulathunaga RWP RSP VSV USP psc CFE were among the invitees and senior Commando Officers, Officers, Non Commissioned officers from Tri services attended for the ceremony.