Nothing Impossible


19th March 2022 21:17:47 Hours


Commandos celebrated 42nd Regimental day anniversary with pride as the pioneer Special Operations Force of the Sri Lanka Army since 15 March 1980. The celebration day events were held with the patronage of the Commander 1 Corps and the Colonel of the Regiment of the Commando Regiment, Major General A K G K U Gnanaratne ndc psc.

On arrival, the Commander 1 Corps and the Colonel of the Regiment was warmly welcomed by the Commander Commando Brigade and the Centre Commandant of the Commando Regiment. Guard turnout was accorded prior to the Parade and other events in the morning included, a floral tribute to fallen Commandos, Tree Planting, Group Photographs with Officers and Staff and a tea with All Ranks.

Awards and Prize giving ceremony for the winners in the Inter Battalion Sports Competition-2022 followed by an admiration session were held at the Maroons Club House Complex to supplement the spirits of the Anniversary day celebration. 4 Commando Regiment was awarded the Best Regiment in the Inter Battalion Sports Competition-2022 and 3 Commando Regiment became the Overall Best Regiment in Academic Performances and Military Courses. Later Commander 1 Corps and the Colonel of the Regiment stressed on facing upcoming challenges while up keeping the name of “Sons of the Brave” during his speech delivered to all participants, and the evening session came to an end with an interactive session and a dinner all rank.

The Officers get together organised at the Commando Regimental Officers Mess with the participation of Commander 1 Corps and Colonel of the Regiment, Commando Brigade Commander and Centre Commandant together with senior and other Officers of the regiment was held on 16 May 2022. Subsequently, WOs’ and SGTs’ Mess get together was held at their mess on 18 May 2022.