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Lt Col PHS Nawaratne RSP psc

With the uprising of terrorism in the world in late 1970 there was a requirement of forming a special unit in Sri Lanka army who are capable of handling aircraft hijacks and hostage situations. With the direction of the Commander of the army Lt Gen JED Perera NDC psc, Cdo Sqn was formed on 15th March 1980. In late 1980's the British SAS instructors conducted a special Anti Hijack and Hostage Release course at CTS Ampara for officers and OR's of Cdo Sqn. With the rapid expansion of the Cdo Sqn was upgraded as 1st Commando Regiment on 1986. Later VIP Protection Duties and War Dog duties were assigned to the Commando Regiment. On 01st March 1993 the 2nd Commando Regiment was formed. Thereafter Anti Hijack and Hostage Release Team and War Dog teams under Commanded to the 1st Commando Regiment and VIP protection duties was assigned to 2 CR.

With the increase of AH & HR and VIP duties 4th Commando Regiment was formed as propose unit in 'B' Camp at Ganemulla to coordinate the function of AH & HR group and VIP group. Initially Group Commanders of AH & HR Group, VIP Group and War dog team carried out there task separately. Later Maj SAR wijepala RSP overlooks the duties as Commanding Officer of propose 4th Commando Regiment.

On 03rd May 2006 Lt Col LWH Gamage RSP took over duties as the commanding officer and 4th Commando Regiment was officially formed he was the first commanding officer was 4th Commando Regiment. After that Lt Col HPR Handunpatirana RSP psc took over duties (21st April 2008 to 08th June 2009) Presently the 4th Commando Regiment is commanded by Lt Col JMSGB Jayamaaha RWP RSP.

Anti Hijack & Hostage Release Team conducted by Major Operations. Those are Seized Bomb blast to the Lake House, 11th March 2000 Seized Bomb blast to the Surpantaile Building complex, 28th July 2001 Anti Hijack and Hostage Release Team defeated terrorist activates against Katunayake Bandaranayake International Air Port and they were able to rescue the Air Port.

When we considered above 4th Commando Regiment it is consist with VIP and VVIP duties. This are the major events conducted by 4th Commando Regiment VIP Group in 25th April 2006 LTTE Seized attack to the Commander of the Army. During that time Commando VIP Group provided High security for the Commander of the Army. 14th August of 2006 LTTE Seized attack to the Ambassador of Pakistan in this occasion VIP Group provided security to the Ambassador. In 01st December 2006 in the incident occurred by Kollupitiya in that occasion LTTE seized Bomb blast to the secretary of defence. Apart from that 4th Commando Regiment is consist with following Groups.

VIP Group I (President Security)
VIP Group II
AH & HR Group
War Dog Group

Past Commanding Officers of 4th Commando Regiment



Col LWH Gamage RSP 07.05.2006 27.04.2008
Col HPR Handunpathirana RSP psc 27.04.2008 08.06.2009
Col AKGKU Gnanarathne psc 08.11.2009 11.05.2012
Lt Col TPAC Ruberu psc 17.05.2012 17.04.2013
Lt Col TCMGST Cooray RSP psc 17.04.2013 08.08.2013
Lt Col JMSGB Jayamaha RWP RSP 09.08.2013 22.07.2014
Lt Col SP Wickramasekara RSP psc 22.07.2014 01.03.2017
Lt Col USB Rathnayake RWP RSP psc 01.03.2017 20.12.2018
Lt Col US Pilapitiya RSP psc 29.03.2019 16.02.2020
Lt Col GSK Perera RSP 22.02.2020
Lt Col K V T S Kekulawala Lsc To Date