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Lieutenant Colonel AAN Adikari RWP USP psc CR

History of the Commando LRP can be traced back through history to such units as Echo Group, SRT and LRRP. Almost all these units were designed to support Commando Battalions in accomplishing their designated tasks in history.

In order to face the challenges raise by the conflict in North and East, many Commandos felt the requirement of a special reconnaissance element in support of their Commando Battalion in early 90s. As a result of that Echo group was constituted in 1 CR in year 1993. This concept sooner embraced by the 2 CR too. Time to time names of these teams changed from Echo to SRT and then LRRP and finally to LRP. These teams functioned under Support Groups of the Battalions in most of the times and carried out tremendous task in support of their mother battalion.

Once the influential role of the LRP was identified, these LRP groups were taken out from their respective battalions and placed under a Coordinating Officer in 2004. This incident created an evolution in LRP as it began to operate independent and beyond their previous tactical missions.

As the role played by the LRP became more significant, decisive to the course of the conflict and more over influential to the strategic decisions, the Commando LRP was elevated to a status of a Battalion under the command ship of Maj DMUG Bandara RSP at ILLUPPADICHENAI after the conclusion of humanitarian operation in the Eastern Province on 1st August 2007 almost after 15 years of its existence. Initial Stage Maj DMUG Bandara RSP was a first commanding officer later on Maj KA Samarasiri RSP psc, Maj DNJ Fernando RSP, Maj MADA Wijegunarathna RSP, Lt Col Samarasiri RSP psc, Lt Col V M N Hettiarachchi RSP, Lt Col MR Razic RSP, Lt Col PSJD Samarasekara RSP USP psc Presently this Regiment is commanding by Lt Col TMGST Cooray RWP RSP psc.

Past Commanding Officers of 3rd Commando Regiment



Maj DMUG Bandara RSP 01.08.2007 29.08.2008
Maj KA Samarasiri RSP psc 29.08.2008 04.04.2009
Maj DNJ Fernando RSP 15.04.2009 23.06.2009
Maj MADA Wijegunarathna RSP 23.06.2009 18.03.2010
Lt Col Samarasiri RSP psc 18.03.2010 28.12.2011
Lt Col V M N Hettiarachchi RSP 27.01.2012 18.06.2014
Lt Col MR Razic RSP 18.06.2014 05.02.2016
Lt Col PSJD Samarasekara RSP USP psc 05.02.2016 17.02.2018
Lt Col TMGST Cooray RWP RSP USP psc 10.02.2018 21.08.2019
Lt Col MSI Aluvihare RWP RSP 27.11.2019 14.10.2021
Lt Col WMT Wijekoon RSP USP psc 15.10.2021
Lt Col AAN Adikari RWP USP psc CR