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Lieutenant Colonel G N Edinadura RSP PSC

According to the extreme necessities that to be faces by our country during this period a 2nd Commando Regiment was opened on 1st March 1993 at Ganemulla. At this instance Lt Col P Chandrawansa psc Msc was appointed as the first Commanding Officer of this regiment. As a result of the increasing terrorist activities, the 2nd Commando Regiment was stationed at Welioya. In addition to this 2nd Commando Regiment was successfully engaged, on operational duties in the north specially in Poonaryn. During this period then Namy Commander visited the Commando Regiment at Ganemulla.

On 1st March 1995 2nd Commando Regiment celebrated 2nd anniversary on 15th March of the same year, the 15th anniversary of the 1st Commando Regiment was celebrated.

On 25th March 1996 Lt Col P Chandrawansa psc Msc CO 2nd Commando Regiment handed over his duties to Lt Col KANS Fernando RSP who took over the duties as CO 2nd Commando Regiment.

During this period 1st Commando Regiment was engaged in small group operations in the Batticoloa area and some were at Poonaryn protecting the Poonaryn camp. The 2nd Commando Regiment participated on operational duties on "Operation Rivirasa I" in the Jaffna area. On major operations such as Riviresa II, "Shake Hand", "Sath Jaya I, II, III", both the Regiments displayed there talents by participating in major roles at these operations.

On 1st March 1997 Lt Col KANS Fernando having handed over his duties as CO 2nd Commando Regiment was appointed as Centre Commandant of Commando Regimental Centre and Maj PRS Jayasekera was appointed as Officiating CO of the 2nd Commando Regiment.

On 26th March 1998 Lt Col PRS Jayasekera RSP handed over his duties as CO 2nd Commando Regiment. His duties were taken over by Maj SJN Ritigahapola , as Officiating CO 2nd Commando Regiment.

In conclusion, it is of paramount importance to state, that the Commandos serving in various capabilities as Officers or men of other ranks, are a devoted and dedicated lot. On many occasions they have sacrificed their lives and limbs, for the cause of the nation and our people. Many have lost their sight for us in their prime of youth, despite all these toils, trails and tribulations. Over sympathies are due to all Commando who have lost their loves and also to those who are loving to fight this battle until peace is brought to our motherland.

We are proud to say that as Commandos we are valiant, beaver and determined to achieve our goal.

On this occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Commando Regiment we salute both the dead and living who will forge ahead and fight the enemy to liberate the peace loving. Our regards and respects are also due to the parents, children and relations of those departed.

Past Commanding Officers of 2nd Commando Regiment



LT COL P CHANDRAWANSA psc Msc 01.03.1993 25.03.1996
LT COL KANS FERNANDO RSP 25.03.1996 10.03.1997
LT COL PRS JAYASEKARA RSP 10.03.1997 06.03.1998
MAJ SJN RITIGAHAPOLA RSP 06.03.1998 15.01.2001
MAJ LWH GAMAGE RSP 15.01.2001 18.03.2005
MAJ DMUG BANDARA RSP 18.03.2005 01.10.2007
LT COL DMUG BANDARA RSP 01.10.2007 16.11.2007
MAJ BMJ BALASOORIYA RWP RSP psc 16.11.2007 31.12.2007
LT COL BMJ BALASOORIYA RWP RSP psc 31.12.2007 10.04.2009
MAJ ASP SILVA RSP 10.04.2009 04.08.2009
LT COL ASP SILVA RSP 04.08.2009 26.01.2012
LT COL JMSGB JAYAMAHA RWP RSP 26.01.2012 14.08.2013
LT COL HDLS PERERA RSP 15.08.2013 21.01.2016
LT COL MR RAZIK RSP 21.01.2016 01.03.2017
Lt COL BMA BALASOORIYA RWP RSP USP psc 01.03.2017 05.03.2019
LT COL GSK PERERA RSP 05.03.2019 16.02.2020
LT COL US PILAPITIYA RSP USP psc 17.02.2020 19.11.2020
LT COL RMRS RATHNAYAKE RSP USP 19.11.2020 15.06.2022
LT COT G N Edinadura RSP PSC 15.06.2022 To Date