Corps Of Engineer Services

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Regimental Centre of Corps of Engineer Service

The History of the Corps of Engineer Services runs as far back as 1911. Although there was no Unit by this name at that time, the beginning of the Corps could be traced back to this year. The Ceylon Engineers (Volunteers), formed as a part of the Ceylon Defence Force in February 1911 consisted of a "Work Services" component which resembled the role and task of the present Corps of Engineer Services within the Army to a certain extent.

After the formation of the Ceylon Army on 10 October 1949, the present Corps of Engineer Services was born in the form of “1 Works Section Ceylon Engineers” on 10 January 1950. On this day, the first Regular Engineer Officer in the Ceylon Army, Captain MLDA Perera was commissioned in the rank of Captain to fill the vacancy of the Garrison Engineer. Few months later the first Other Rank S/Sgt Labroy EFD was enlisted and these two individuals initially constituted the "1 Works Section Ceylon Engineers" and were the pioneers of the Corps. Captain MLDA Perera who retired in 1973 in the rank of Brigadier is considered as the "Farther of the Corps of Engineer Services".

The "1 Works Section Ceylon Engineers" was re-designated as the "3 Works Services Squadron Ceylon Engineers" in 1951 and provided the Engineer Services required by the Ceylon Air force and Ceylon Navy. Again the name was re-designated as the “Works Services Ceylon Engineers” in 1957, as the “Engineer Services Regiment” on 10 January 1990 and finally as the “Corps of Engineer Services” on 25 February 1999.

Regiment Center of Corps of Engineer Service was established at the present Panagoda on 01.01.1990.