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Engineer Services Trade School

In the begining, Basic Recruit Training courses for the Tradesmen who were enlisted to the Unit were conducted by Army Training Schools.Their Promotion Courses and other relevant Trainings such as Drills, Phsical Exercises were conducted by Other Ranks Instructors of other Regiments such as Artillary and Infantry, located in Panagoda Army Cantonment. Later in 1980, the training programms were commenced by the Junior Officers (Second Lieutenants) who joined the Unit after their Basic Military Training at Military Academy, Diyatalawa.

The Engineer Services Trade School was initially established as Works Services Sri Lanka Engineers Training School at Works Services Sri Lanka Engineers Regimental Headquarters premises at Panagoda on 03 December 1990. Lt Col N Gunatilake was appointed as the first Commandant.

In the begining, the Unit’s Training School conducted Recruit Training Courses, Promotion Courses and Refresher Courses for a limited number of soldiers. due to the rapid progressive development of the School and gradual increase in the number of courses conducted by the School with time, the Engineer Services Trade School was relocated at Plywood Coporation premises at Salawa, Kosgama in 1998. In 1999 the School was again relocated at the Regimental Headquarters of Corps of Engineer Services at Panagoda.After conducting a Recruit Training Course for 130 soldiers, in year 2000, the School was relocated at 2 Engineer Services Regimental premises at Tissawewa, Anuradhapura. By this time the Engineer Services Training School achieved a unique place among other Army Training Establishemnts and anually conducted Recruit Training Courses for 450 Recruits, Promotion Courses for 250 Other Ranks and Trade Courses for 200 Other Ranks of other Regiments.

In year 2002, the Engineer Servises Training School was permanantly relocated in Anuradhapura at Thalawa, Galayaya as an indipendant Trade School. Presently the Engineer Services Trade School annualy conducts various Courses for more than 1500 troops including 03 Recruit Training Courses each consisting of 300 Recruits, 04 Promotion Courses each consisting of 100 Other Ranks, a Unit Maintenance Course for Officers/ Senior NCOs consisting of 50 Officers/Senior NCOS, Plumbing Maintenance Courses, Electrician's Courses, Carpentry Courses, Water Pumps and Generators Maintenance Courses has become a well-established Trade School in the Sri Lanka Army.

Capt SV Leelaratha was the first Chief Instructor, Capt YKS Rangika was first Adjutant and Capt (QM) WM Chandradasa was the first Quarter Master. WO II Jayarathna EKS performed duties as the first RSM of ESTS

Presently Lt Col SDN Sooriyapperuma USP Lsc CES performs duties as the Commandant of the Engineer Services Trade School.