Corps Of Engineer Services

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Regimental Insignia

Duration - From 10.01.1950 to 1977

The cap badge used by this Regiment from the inception of its formation on 10 January 1950 was the same badge as that used by the Royal Engineers, but the wordings in the Scroll was altered to read as "Ceylon Engineer". The first Engineer officer to wear this cap badge was Capt. MLDA Perera (later retired as a Brigadier). Even after the declaration of Ceylon as the Republic of Sri Lanka on 22nd May 1972, the same old badge continued to be used until 1977.

Duration - From 10.01.1950 to 1977

The above illustrated cap badge replaced the Ceylon Engineers Cap Badge in 1977 and was used until 1991. The Crown in the old Cap Badge was replaced with the Lion holding a sword. The wording in the Scroll was altered to read as "Ka Se Sri Lanka E".

Duration - From 10 January 1992 to 01 August 2008

From 10 January 1992 the date on which the Engineer Services Regiment SLE commemorated its 42nd Anniversary, the new cap badge was revealed by the commander of the Army Lt. Gen LDCE Widyaratne VSV, ndc, psc. The first officer to wear this cap badge was Capt PSM Perera SLE. The Following changes are visible in the present day cap badge when compared with the Royal Engineers.

Duration - From 01 August 2008 to date

The Gold Lion Passant: Symbolizes the Bravery, Strength and Discipline
The Sword held in its right fore paw : Symbolizes the Fairness and Justice
The Two Sheaves of Paddy: Symbolizes the Opulence, Prosperity and Self Sufficiency
The letters "CES" : Stands for the "Corps of Engineer Services"

On 01 August 2008, the 58th Anniversary day of 1 ESR, the Colonel Commandant CES Major General SAG Sooriyaarachchi USP pinned the new Cap Badge and Collar Badges. The first Officer to wear this Cap Badge and Collar Badges was the Commanding Officer of 1 ESR, Lt Col RAN Perera CES. Changes visible in the Cap Badge and Collar Badges are as follows.

The name of the 'ESR', that stand for Engineer Services Regiment was replaced with three letters 'CES', standing for Corps of Engineer Services

The Collar badge that depicts the 'Grenade' was replaced with miniaturized new Cap Badge.